Cholesterol Levels & Red Wine

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Red wine has been cited in research as having a positive effect on cholesterol, sound too far fetched?

A burning issue in this day and age, how to lower your cholesterol level! It's probably not too often you hear responsible authorities encourage you to drink alcohol, however, those of you who indulge in a glass of red wine each day are believed to be reducing your cholesterol levels (as just one benefit).

Make no mistake, too much alcohol is bad for you. It increases your body's risk of high blood pressure, liver damage, heart disease, having a stroke, and developing certain cancers.

What is cholesterol?

So how can you lower your cholesterol levels and what is Cholesterol anyway? Cholesterol is an essential body fat which travels around the body in our blood and is required in the correct amounts to keep us healthy. If your body's cholesterol exceeds a certain level, it becomes a health risk.

How can Red Wine Help?

This is where drinking can help as it affects the amount that is carried in your blood stream, making it less likely that clots will form. Recent studies have shown that when alcohol is consumed for several days a week there is a marked improvement, lowering several key risks.

The benefit is supposedly from the grape skins and seeds which contain elements that act as antioxidants which help in prevent disease. There have been further developments where researchers are urging us to focus our energies on Chilean reds with Cabernet Sauvignon leading the way. This is because the grapes that they use act as the best antioxidant.

It is thought that men over the age of forty and women who have gone through the menopause will see the benefits of this theory, however recent suggestions are that it can affect people as young as 33.

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