Maintaining the Perfect Lawn This Summer

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The summer season is finally upon us. Unfortunately, current circumstances dictate that most of us will struggle to really make the most of it.

Gardens will be a saviour for many of us, providing the opportunity to bask in the sun and pack our bodies with Vitamin D. Unfortunately, an array of challenges to achieving a garden-based utopia will present themselves. Weeds and excess heat can conspire to undo the work put into the upkeep of a spotless outdoor space.


Thankfully help is at hand. This guide will explain how you can keep your lawn in top-top condition – at least until you can start spending time elsewhere, where the responsibility falls upon other shoulders.


Managing Weeds and Undergrowth

Weeds are the scourge of any keen gardener. There can be a fine line between necessary undergrowth and excessive weeds and poorly trimmed edges. Weeds will not just look unsightly. They'll also attract pests in your green space.


It is critical to maintain an ecological balance in your garden. An appropriate insect population will achieve this. The more weeds your garden contains, however, the more pests will converge upon your property.


This does not just include insects. Weeds and overgrowth provide hiding places for wild animals, who could in turn attack and frighten household pets. So, how can you tackle these pesky weeds? This depends upon your circumstances and lifestyle.


Manual Removal

There can be something satisfying about getting down on your hands and knees and manually tugging weeds from the ground. In doing so, you’ll be removing the bulbs that encourage growth. It’s hard work, but it usually bears fruit.

Unfortunately, not everybody is able to conduct such intense labour. Anybody that struggles with their knees, for example, will not be able to conduct such strenuous activity. In such an instance, there is no shame in reaching for electronic assistance.

An electric weed eater is the ideal solution here. You can point your weed eater at the tough and hard-to-reach corners of your lawn, letting this power tool do the hard work for you. If you’re interested in investing in an electric weed eater, Editored has gathered profiles of the finest models on the market.


Spraying Herbicide

Of course, you could also take the apocalypse scenario – spraying chemical weed killer over your lawn. This will certainly be effective. In many respects, however, it's likely to be too impactful.

Herbicides – especially those that contain glyphosate, which includes many of the world's most popular brands – can be indiscriminate. Although the chemicals within will destroy any weeds that make your lawn look untidy, they will also possibly destroy healthy grass.

Perhaps more importantly, glyphosate has also been found to be toxic to humans and animals. Research into the impact of this chemical is ongoing, but one thing is beyond doubt – it's best avoided.

Several countries have banned the use of glyphosate. While a UK-wide ban is not yet in place, several local councils have taken the decision to cease use. Herbicides are typically best avoided unless you can be certain that you're using a safe, natural product.


Protection Against Excessive Heat

Excessive sunshine during a heatwave will put the grass on your lawn under a great deal of pressure. Lawn stress turns grass a faded yellow and undoes everything that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

You can minimise the risk of lawn stress by keeping your grass short. Avoid letting your lawn exceed three inches in height – but never mow it at the height of a day’s sunshine. Lawnmowers generate heat. Couple this with intense sunshine and your grass doesn’t stand a chance. Tackle mowing the lawn in the early evening or first thing in the morning.

Go easy on the fertiliser and watering, too. If you want to turn on the sprinklers, do so early or late in the day. This gives the water time to soak into the grass before the sun dries it out. If you’re feeding your lawn, ensure that you’re using a fertiliser designed for hot temperatures. Excessive heat restricts the appetite of grass. If you apply too much fertiliser during the hottest months of the year it will simply sit on the lawn, resisting absorption.

Follow this advice, and you should enjoy all the advantages of a visually appealing lawn. Perfect for firing up a BBQ, opening your cold drink of choice and toasting to brighter days ahead.

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