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Listing Terms & Conditions

We are passionate that the new Lifestyle.co.uk directory maintains it's integrity. Therefore, increasingly we have to delete submissions that violate our listing terms and conditions or that we believe are detrimental to our directory.

Please only submit your URL to our directory once. If your site is not listed, then either we have chosen not to list you due to violation of one of our terms and conditions, or we have still to get round to it. If you must add your site, please go to our advertisers section and pay for a one-time fee and a 5 working day review. Please also note that if your site is a gambling, finance or pharmacy based website, you will need to submit payment for us to then consider your site against our criteria below.

Our Listing Guidelines

We will not list sites that:

  • Contain illegal content including, but not limited to, child pornography & infringements on copyright.
  • Are mirror sites. i.e. contain near identical content, but a different URL. This will get all your domains banned.
  • Redirect to other website(s) or web addresses
  • Are incomplete. If you have areas under construction, please complete these before submitting.
  • Are single page websites. You must have unique content and more than one page.
  • Have any hidden text or are using spam techniques on any pages
  • Are mostly affiliate links.
  • Websites that have content copied from other websites.

Please ensure the following areas are carefully considered before you submit your site:

Title : This must be the name of your website - not just a load of keywords

Description : Try to make your description interesting for users and include 2 or 3 keywords that you know users may type in. Please do not stuff the descritption full of keywords, the editorial team reject all sites that do, however good the site.

Keyphrases : Please choose keyphrases that you know people use to find your type of product or service. Do not copy the ones you have used in your description - it will be a waste of the three keyphrases that you have.

If your site is rejected once we have completed our editorial review, then we reserve the right to charge a £35 administration charge for our time per site. The remaining submission will be refunded to your account.

Stung Limited reserves the right to reject any site for any reason and to alter or replace a proposed site title or description at any time at its sole discretion and editorial judgment.