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Weeds are never a great look in a garden but many people don't want to use harmful sprays. So what are the options? You know your weed from your natural herb or grass?

There is no doubt that the majority of shop-bought weed killers can contain a range of chemicals, some of which can be very harmful to the environment. Some chemicals can contaminate groundwater, cause plant loss due to damaging the roots of neighbouring plants and they can even be lethal to animals that ingest them by mistake.

To this end, a growing number of people are looking for ways in which to kill weeds naturally while still protecting the environment around them. After all, it’s no good killing weeds in your garden if you end up killing your other plants and trees in the process!

Finding a way to kill weeds naturally is even more vital if you own a vegetable patch; mainstream weed killers can be very harmful if ingested – and to this end you will need to be very careful.

White Vinegar!

So, how can you kill weeds naturally? The first tip is to use white vinegar. White vinegar is brilliant for using on stone patios or pavement cracks where weeds are growing through the cracks.

However, although white vinegar is brilliant for killing weeds, it will also kill any other plants, so do not use it in your garden or any soil areas; stick to using it on stone patios, pavements, or on any further areas where other plants are not located.

Table Salt?

Table salt can also be brilliant for the same purpose; simply sprinkle table salt your patio area, pavement or steps etc. to prevent weeds from growing back. Table salt will absorb into the soil between the cracks and spread to the root systems of the weeds, killing them off. For an even quicker result, spray the area with water to disperse the salt more effectively.

Removing Seed Heads

To prevent the growth of weeds in flower beds or vegetable gardens, the best tip is to use a hoe to remove the seed heads from any weeds. By doing this, you can help to ensure that another generation of weeds will not germinate in the same place.

You can also use special weed growth barriers in your garden to prevent weeds from pushing through the ground. Weeds can be very persistent, but by following the above tips you should find that you dramatically reduce the number of weeds in your garden without causing any harm to the environment, to animals or to any other plants or trees in surrounding areas.

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