Recipe For A Tasty Dish Of Peking Duck

peking duck

Crispy, golden brown, and with a taste of heaven! Who doesn’t get excited at the sight and smell (or even mention) of a Peking duck? Cooked properly and with the right ingredients, it can be mouthwateringly good.

And when it’s expertly prepared with all the right ingredients, the moist, tender meat of the deeply flavoured meat would crackle and crunch in your mouth, leaving your taste buds with an unforgettable sweet sensation. For some great ways to serve your duck see here from one of my favourite restaurants Chilli House who do great delivery.

Start With A Quality Duck

The first order of business in preparing a Peking duck is to get the right duck for this treat. All ducks are not equal. Naturally, with its small stature, rich taste and low fat, using a Pekin breed is the ultimate choice for this mouthwatering meal. It has to be fresh, and never pre-cooked or pre-heated.

And to enjoy the full delight of the delicacy after it’s cooked, make sure it’s served hot, fresh and crusty straight from the oven. So it’s better to make reservations early to get the highest quality taste of a Peking duck, prepared with the best culinary skill, experience, care and precision.  


To prepare a Peking duck special, you’ll need to assemble these 5 components of the recipe.

  • The duck meat
  • Steamed pancakes
  • Sweet bean sauce
  • Spring onions


Now’s the time to expertly put these ingredients together into a yummy treat!

  1. Take a pancake and spread it out on your plate. Then squirt a small part of the tasty bean sauce around the middle of the wrap, but mostly toward the upper section.
  2. Place some pieces of the duck meat at the same section of the pancake where you’d spread the bean sauce. 
  3. Next are the cucumbers and spring onions. Lay a small amount of both ingredients over the top of the duck meat. This is deliberate. The aim is to make sure that the first sensation that hits your mouth after a bite is the moist, juicy outer layer of the duck.
  4. After this, roll the untouched half of the pancake over the meat, bean sauce and chopped cucumber and onions you’d spread at the upper middle section of the pancake.
  5. Pull the edges of the fold (now looking like a Chinese Burrito) on the right and left over the middle. Then flip over the prepared wrap.
  6. Enjoy the special treat with your chopsticks!

For the best tastes, traditionally, a duck that takes longer to grow to full size promises a richer flavour. The preservation method is also a factor. Most ducks (and chicken) are dipped in ice water bath after slaughter to get them chilled. This process often means the duck meat gains up to 10% of extra water weight, which can reduce the flavour and make it harder to crisp properly.

In Summary

But even when you get the right duck specimen, the way it’s cooked and assembled is equally important for a great tasting dish. It’s the same for the amount of sauce and the order of assembly of the meat and vegetables. A little too much or too little will greatly influence the flavour of subsequent bites.

Finally, don’t forget to save any bits and pieces of Peking duck meat, which is often a part of a tasty broth after the main course.

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