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There are great savings to be made from buying your computer and accessories online.

Go online to buy your new computer and save money!  You can now find the very latest in computer equipment for less by browsing the web.  With all manufacturers available and a multitude of companies to choose from you’re sure to get a fantastic computer at a great price by going online with  You’ll discover that you can find high street names such as PC World and Apple as well as many Internet based companies that can offer highly competitive alternative without having to compromise on quality and reliability.


Why walk around shopping centres or make endless phone calls to sales staff to buy a new computer when you can go online and see all your options in your own time.  By using you can access all of the UK's leading distributors of computer equipment without having to leave the comfort of your own home.  You can research all the possible options before placing your order by phone or you can in most cases order your new computer equipment online. 

Low Priced Websites

The computer industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest moving fields so if you want to keep on top of the latest technology and stay ahead of the game you need to be able to order the very best and latest equipment without having to pay too much.  We can show you the lowest priced websites in the UK so you can find a company that you trust to keep you upgraded and your computer state of the art. 


With such a vast amount of choice in both the computer you choose and the company you buy it from it would be useful to narrow down the options as much as possible.  We have provided extensive reviews of the UK best websites that can help you to find the best websites without having to trawl through hundreds of unsuitable ones.  You may also find our FAQ section helpful to answer your more pertinent questions and arm you with the knowledge you need to get a great deal on a new computer.

Useful Websites

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    Buy all your household appliances including washing machines,TV's and dyson vacuum cleaners. With computers and laptops to also compare, get more for less.
  • Flashback Data
    Data recovery and digital forensics firm with same crime lab rating as the FBI.
  • CCL Computers
    Online computer store offers computer hardware, software and accessories to buy online, with computer systems and components for private, corporate and public sector use.
  • Bloomsbury International
    Offers a wide range of courses including intensive English, English for Business, TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge examinations. The school boasts 25 classrooms, 20 ADSL computers for Internet access & more
    offers more than 20,000 lines from the world's leading manufacturers such as Sony, HP, Microsoft, and Toshiba. The first place to start looking for your computer stuff.
  • Bromcom Computers Plc
    Suppliers of electronic truancy and attendance registration systems for schools and colleges
  • Add Your Website Here

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