Personality Tests For Customers

bedroom style have introduced a personality quiz to help customers design a style and look that will appeal to their personality.

This initially may produce some scepticism, after all, we all know what we like and don’t like, don’t we? Well, looking around my house I am aware that I may have chosen some wrong pieces over the years and have selected colours that looked great in the showroom but have never felt quite right.

So, the only way to check this out is do the personality quiz and see how I get on.

The Quiz

The quiz itself is made up of 11 short questions. You can therefore complete it fairly quickly, in fact it took me minutes to do. The questions themselves are very straightforward, some are quite easy ie. what is your favourite colour? Some may require slightly more thought-particularly the question around  what you would do with a free afternoon.

Some answers can be hard as your response may depend on how you feel in any given moment. So for example I opted to cosy down with a good book on a free afternoon but that may have been because I was completing the questionnaire whilst it was pouring with rain outside. If completed on a hot day I may have opted for the long walk.

So I completed the quiz still with some degree of scepticism, but the results were really interesting.

Results of the Quiz

According to the quiz I am 'rustic'. So far so good. I then get a short paragraph summarising my personality, and I have to say it was spot on. I did feel like I was reading about me.

You then get information listing how this personality feeds into interior design. So for me it’s all about natural fabrics, earthy colours and solid substantial pieces of furniture. I also apparently like to have mementos around me of special moments. I have to say this is absolutely me. I do love earthy colours, reds and greens. I do love the Victorian chest of drawers that I bought in an antique shop years ago and I love fabrics like linen. So the quiz definitely got me sussed.

Following on from this the quiz then guides you to how these fabrics and look could work with suggestions of furniture and accessories which suit your personality, your own style board. The quiz also lets you see the other personality types-playful, classic, minimal, in case you aren’t sure the quiz quite gets you right.

Why Take The Quiz?

Whether you like the results or not the quiz is quick to take and certainly will make you think. It will either endorse what you already know about yourself, but that in itself is useful, or it will make you think in a completely different way. It may also be that you know what you like but you don’t know how this translates to furniture or colours.

So for example you may know that you love rooms with natural light, but how does this translate into the furniture you buy, or the colours you paint your walls? This quiz will certainly help guide you in the right direction.

Another consideration is to get your partner to also complete the quiz to see how your personalities can both be represented in a home. You may be lucky and find that you share the same personality but if you don’t then this may help explain why you disagree on a purchase and how you can work together more.

Tips on Home Styling

The bit of the quiz results that I especially liked however was the section on tips for home styling that are based on your personality results. So I was drawn to the article on how to create a layered bed look that looks inviting and warm as opposed to just slovenly!

The guide takes you through all you need to know about working the colours of sheets with the colour of the duvet, cushions, thread counts, the benefits of stonewashed cotton, how to drape your duvet and use throws. All I need to know to create a bedroom that looks lived in and cosy or as the guide would say the ‘rustic’ approach as per my personality.

The Pyschology Behind the Quiz

So the quiz was spot on for me, but who is behind it? teamed up with Karen Haller who is a colour and design phycology expert. Karen has worked for over 20 years in the field of colour, how it affects us and influences us and has worked with leading companies to help them understand how colour influences their brand. So there’s clearly strong science behind this quiz, which would explain why it got me spot on!


So I would really recommend the quiz from It won’t take you long to complete it and not only will it suss out your personality but it will then suggest ways in which you can express your personality in your home.

I particularly liked the links through to items in the catalogue that I may have over looked before but also the design articles that matched my personality. A very good use of literally a few minutes of my time!

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