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home dna testing

We have become accustomed to home DNA tests for a range of purposes including ancestry, paternity and ethnicity reasons. But we are also using home DNA tests for much broader reasons now.

What Are Home DNA Testing Kits?

Home DNA testing kits are where you conduct the DNA test in your own home by yourself. The key here is that home dna tests require self collection of the dna sample. Most require a simple saliva test.

You then return your sample and have access to your results either online or they are sent to you at home.

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Types of Home DNA Tests

There are now a wide range of testing kits available that cover a range of types of results you want. From paternity through to ancestry, fitness to nutrition, the advance of technology means the range of tests grows by the week.


These were developed in the 1990's. These were developed from the understanding that a child inherits half dna from mother and the other half from the father.So collecting dna from the father and the child there should be a match if there is a biological relationship. These type of home DNA tests can also be used for determining maternity,brother/sister relationships, uncle aunt and child as well as grandparent and child.

Legal Paternity/Maternity Tests

It is important to note here that this does not constitute a legal paternity test. This may be required for cases where there are issues over custody or child support.

A legal paternity test requires third party collection of samples, tested parties have to be identified at the point of sample collection, it must be proved that samples have been properly sealed and not tampered with.


This type of test helps you trace your family history.By taking a sample of your DNA and comparing it with DNA from around the world many companies are able to  help you map ethnicity going back many generations.

This can be a way of discovering family members from around the world or can simply be a way for people to understand more where they came from. Most of these tests are based on you collecting a saliva sample.


You DNA sample will be used here to help you optimise your fitness workouts. What is the best way for you to burn fat? How can you best avoid injury? and how can you best recover? Many companies also follow this up with some level of personal training advice and training programmes suited to your DNA profile.


Here you DNA profile is used to create a nutrigenetic profile of you, so how do you process carbohydrates and fats? What is the best way for someone with your DNA profile to lose weight?

Many tests also provide you with meal plans and also access to dieticians and intuitionists.


Your DNA is used here to identify a number of key areas of your skin, collagen quality, skin elasticity, sun damage and sensitivity to name a few.

From this a company can then advise you on how best to treat your skin.


What About Animal Testing?

Yes you can do that too.

Its no surprise that looking at how DNA testing has moved on for humans there is now a huge market for pet dna home testing Why?

Well a swab of your pets cheeks can help you ascertain correct breed which in turn can influence what you feed your pet, the exercise it requires and potential diseases your pet could be susceptible to.

What To Consider Before You Buy A Home DNA Test

The first thing is to be clear about is what DNA can provide us with the answers with and what it cannot. So if you believe a home DNA test may predict your childs future ability to be a great footballer, you may want to think again. You should also consider whether you are fully prepared for what the data may tell you. This is  particularly important in paternity testing.You may want to check to see if the company you have bought the test from provide any form of support services afterwards.This may be very important if you discover that you may be predisposed towards certain diseases. Finally do check out the company that are analysing your DNA. Do they comply with international guidelines on the use of genetic data and is your data safe? Some companies have sold on genetic data without the consent of the donors so this is one online purchase where you really must read the small print.










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