Animal DNA Testing

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Animal DNA testing is growing in popularity. Pet owners may wish to use it as well as breeders and also vets.The tests are used widely to assess the genetic heritage, parentage and also the health of a pet.

Home DNA tests have become very popular for looking at all areas including ancestry, health and fitness and even our predisposition to certain diseases. But they are also growing in popularity with animals from breeders through to individual pet owners.

Here we explore some of the most popular home DNA pet tests that are availbale.Lets start with the home dog breeding test, one of the most popular.

Dog Breeding Test

These DNA tests determine the genetic make up of a dog and can be used with mixed breeds to determine what they are made up of. This in turn can help owners understand more about what their dogs make up is and any possible diseases they could suffer from in the future.

Knowing the breeds in your dog can also be used to understand personality traits, exercise and behaviours peculiar to certain breeds.To complete the test at home you simply buy a home testing kit and if it is using cheek swabs for example you will gently rub the swab inside your dogs cheek and then send the samples back to the provider.

Dog Allergy Test

Allergies can be a real problem for some dogs and can be anything from certain foods to pollens, grasses and flowers. Knowing what the allergy is can obviously help in the subsequent treatment and long term prevention. When buying a home testing kit do check out what allergens it tests for. Most home tests for allergies are not in fact DNA tests but are instead testing the proteins in the dogs system.

Dog Inherited Diseases Test

Knowing if your dog could potentially suffer from disease in the future could help you reduce the risk of the dog developing such diseases. This type of testing is popular with breeders who clearly want to breed healthy dogs that will live full lives.The test relies on the way certain breeds suffer from certain diseases. For example Labrador retrievers can be prone to Centronuclear Myopathy,an autosomal recessive disorder. Another example is Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency which often affects West Highland Terriers, this is a defect in red blood cells that can lead to anaemia and liver failure.

Cat PKD Testing

PKD is polycystic kidney disease which affects Persian cats in particular.It can be fatal. Doing this DNA tests can help you determine if your cat carries the disease causing gene. For breeders this can then help you to not use a certain cat to breed.

Bird DNA Sexing

Sexing birds is notoriously difficult so bird sexing this way is extremely popular.Bird sexing uses DNA analysis known as polymerase. Sexing a bird can be useful for a number of reasons. For breeders this is useful for breeding but can also be useful for medical and bonding reasons.The test is done using either blood or feather samples. Blood sample collection is done by clipping the nail of a bird where it will produce a few drops of blood. Feather collection is usuallythe collection of medium sized feathers from the chest area of a bird.




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