How To Sell Your Home

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Deciding to up-sticks and move is a tough decision for many reasons, especially if your move relies upon having to sell your own properties before being able to take the leap.

What many buyers make the mistake of doing is finding a home they want to purchase and move into without having done due diligence on selling their own property. Therefore, when it comes to putting their home on the market, they are under prepared and subsequently have trouble selling their one home.

This has knock-on effects on the chain that others might be relying on and has frequently seen prospective buyers miss out on the property that began the whole process of selling their home.

How Long On The Market?

Research from Rightmove, has shown that over 25% of properties on the market have been listed for a period of at least six months. Beyond this, almost 10% of homes listed on the site have been available for an entire year. These figures do not represent to much of a difference from last year, meaning the Brexit effect cannot be seen to be too big a factor.

Looking at all these factors, here are some sure fire was to improve the chances of your property being successfully sold or rented without resorting to dropping the asking price.

Curb Appeal

Unfortunately, there is a reason that the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is so well known. The outside of a property and its upkeep says so much about a property. These aren’t necessarily necessities for those currently living in the property, but it shows care has been taken and hints that it has been extended throughout the property.

Weed, litter pick, mow the lawn and scrub any mould by power-washing the path or wall leading up to the house.

Professional Imagery

Just like people, houses look better with a helping hand from a professional photographer. It’s simple. We are so visual that a crooked angle, unflattering lighting and poor-quality image can instantly deter us from taking our viewing of the property. With online searches being the main source of advertising a property, this might be one of the most important steps you can take to bring visitors to the property.

Listen To Comments

THis applies especially to those that pop-up frequently!  It is your house and you love it, having spent time making it yours and it being full of memories. However, that doesn’t mean everyone will love it, that it is practical or isn’t a complete eye sore.

If you have been getting visitors to the property and the same or similar comments continue to pop-up, then listen to them. It may be emotionally difficult to make changes to the home whilst you are still living there, but if it is too much for visitors to get pass or imagine removing themselves then make that your mission.

This is seen frequently by a London estate agent that specialises in houses for sale in Mayfair. “With the standard of homes we frequently deal with you see lots of ‘elaborate’ and ‘bold’ choices made in the decoration. Obviously, this isn’t to the taste of all, so we make a point of telling the owner of the property that their tastes might be putting others off. From here we reach a common middle ground that we hope shows off a property’s personality while leaving scope for prospective buyers to make their own changes.”

Kitchens & Bathrooms Make The Sale.

This might not be breaking news but with areas of the house you frequently use it can be hard to see how quickly they deteriorate and fall behind what is expected or popular for current kitchens and bathrooms. In a study by Plentific, a new kitchen would influence more than 28% of renters to increase their expenditure. This is a strong figure, but nothing compared to the 46% who would make similar changes if the bathroom was recently redone to a high standard.

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