10 Unique Ways to Make Money at Home

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In these current uncertain times, most of us would appreciate a little extra boost to our income on occasion. But how can you give yourself a slightly heavier wallet without even leaving your abode each day? Read our ideas for making money at home.

Here are 10 of our favourite, lesser-considered ways of making money from home.

1. Rent out Your Parking Space...

If you live in an area where finding a place to park is almost impossible, it could be a great idea to help drivers out by giving them the chance to rent your unoccupied space. Check out the JustPark website to see how renting out your parking spot works.

2. ...Or Your Back Garden...

Or perhaps your locality is a rather greener, more rural one - just the kind that campers would love? Yes, you can even rent out your garden via popular sites like Airbnb, setting your own price.

3. ...Or That Spare Bedroom

Speaking of Airbnb, there's also the slightly more obvious option of renting out a spare room in your home via such a site, whether for those stopping by for a holiday or looking to stay long-term.   

4. Offer Services on Fiverr.com

The American site Fiverr.com has become a common way for people to put their skills in all manner of areas - such as writing, graphic design and programming - to good use. As the site name implies, you'll only earn a few pounds per job, but even that could be invaluable during cash-strapped periods.

5. Start Your Own Blog

You may be surprised by how much scope bloggers have to make money, thanks to such opportunities as affiliate sales and guest posts from brands. Just think - you could theme your blog around whatever takes your fancy, from art or photography to cooking, travel or fitness.

6. Sell Your Antiques or Collectables

Consider all of the things you may have in your loft that may be worth quite a bit now - the likes of old toys, vases, paintings or furniture. Get them valued or see how much similar items are fetching on eBay.

7. Turn Flea Market Trash into Treasure

Flea markets are great places to find all of those random, cheap items - like cracked old mugs, scuffed tables or dirty lamps - that could be cleaned up, restored and sold again for so much more.

8. Maintain Twitter or Facebook Fan Pages

Justin Bieber's probably doing fine, but there are plenty of lesser-known music artists, craftspeople or professionals who would appreciate someone posting continual updates to their social media pages when they lack the time to do it themselves. Fiverr.com is a great source of such jobs.

9. Hone Your Cooking Skills For The Community

Do you love any excuse to bake cookies or cakes? If so, make some cash from it by starting a side-business and selling your delicious creations to friends and family members for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions.

10. Bet On Sporting Results - In A Genuinely Safe Way

Gambling is no way to make money, surely? As it happens, with matched betting, you won't be gambling at all, and your winnings will be tax-free. Register with a site like Profit Accumulator, and you could be making thousands of pounds extra a month with relatively little effort.

As you can see from these examples, it's possible to earn a decent amount of extra money each month without even getting out of bed. So, why don't you do exactly that?

Useful Websites

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