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Data recovery could be crucial for your business. If you are unsure on how to set this up then check out our guide.

Data is a huge valuable asset for any organization , so backing up data and it's recovery process is a challenge faced by all organisations. The global business environment with data distributed across servers, desktops and laptops across geographical boundaries makes everything more difficult. If you need to salvage data from damaged, failed or corrupted files or simply want to  protect your business before this happens check out our guides and articles today.

Data Recovery Explained

Data Recovery Explained

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Useful Websites

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  • Flashback Data
    Data recovery and digital forensics firm with same crime lab rating as the FBI.
  • DataNumen Data Recovery
    Data recovery software and service for Microsoft Office files, email recovery, archives, backup files, databases, documents and image files. Also offers software development kit for developers.
  • DiskEng Data Recovery Services
    Hard Disk recovery and RAID data recovery service. Specialist data recovery company providing 24x7 EMERGENCY data recovery services for hard drive, backup tapes and all configurations of RAID5 servers
  • Help IT
    Offering a wide range of data cleansing software solutions ideal for single users organisations or developers.
  • Data Clinic Ltd
    UK data recovery services from hard disks, servers & RAID arrays. Partnered with UMIST, our R&D provides unique methods of recovering data from drives pronounced unrecoverable by other companies.
  • Data and Disaster Recovery Forum
    Portal for discussion of data recovery and disaster recovery matters. Emphasis on planning for the worst scenario.
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