Getting Started On Hydroponics

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What is hydroponics and how can you get started?


The growing of plants without soil is defined as hydroponics.  The basis of hydroponics is that plants roots are suspended in water containing a nutrient solution whilst the crown of the plant is supported by a thin layer of substance to replace soil such as sand, peat or vermiculite.  It is most often for the hydroponics technique is most often found for growing indoors when conditions must be kept constant such as the growing of exotic fruits and vegetables that we can buy all year round.


If you need hydroponic equipment then the best place to begin your search is online through  With access to hundreds of UK websites going online is by far the most convenient way of searching for indoor growing suppliers.  We can direct you to the finest websites in the UK for ordering all hydroponic equipment from passive irrigation systems to grow lights.  You can also find the best tips and detailed advice for making your indoor growing efforts as successful as is possible.

Help Online

It can be considered that if your business requires that you grow the same crops all year round then hydroponics may be your best option as it allows you to maintain and control the conditions in which the plants grow.  This can be very difficult to get right but there is help available online as many sites offer instructional videos and literature to help you get the most out of your indoor growing efforts, be that they are growing for your own needs or for a garden business or even the big business of flower delivery.


By choosing you have not only accessed the finest and most diverse set of links in the UK but you can also visit our FAQ section to help you define your needs before you begin your search.  We have also provided reviews of many of the top UK websites so you can quickly and easily find out what they have to offer.  So get online now to find the advice and equipment you need to start getting the best possible results from your hydroponics efforts.


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