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Not all of us have a graden that looks like this but we can make the best use of the space we have.

If you’re looking for a garden design to spice up your garden or increase the value of your home then stop right there!  Garden designers can be found throughout the UK by contacting specific designers through the Internet.  At, we’ve taken the time to help you out.  You can now get garden design information as quickly as you want it.  The convenience factor of the Internet is also a formidable asset that persuades thousands of people each month to choose to use the Internet services to find the garden designs that they want. 


From garden design courses and landscape gardening techniques, our dedicated site offers you the chance of discovering exactly what you’ll need to get the fabulous garden that will get your house price soaring, not to mention the neighbours’ pulses!  With so many people choosing readily to use the Internet for the majority of their garden related purchases.  Convenience and simplicity are two reasons why the Internet is such a widely used tool. 


As well as being safe, secure and vast, the Internet can be highly confusing as the wealth of information and diversity of subjects is so extreme, knowing where to go and how to get there can be next to impossible.  Not any more!! can get you the details you need without making you spend more precious time searching around.  Stop searching and start finding as our in depth site, including extensive site reviews, listings and impartial advice shows you the way. is the only site you’ll ever need to ensure you get the gardening experience and results that you want.  The UK has excellent garden designers and colleges alike that can aid you in preparing you for the gardening rollercoaster ride that lies ahead. 


Contact gardening designers directly now and you’ll soon be digging, rotivating and laying turf amongst other things.  Instead of laboriously delving in and out of garden centres, searching aimlessly throughout the stores looking for the ideal plants and equipment for your perfect garden design, the Internet allows you to sit comfortably, research the information you require both quickly and simply and get started on designing and implementing those designs to give you the great garden you’ve always wanted.     

Useful Websites

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  • Wildchicken : nature & technology
    Garden design software developed by a landscape designer. Research, design and print gardening projects or ideas. Flexible and easy to learn tools for professional and amateur gardeners and learners.
  • Andy Sturgeon Garden Design
    Andy Sturgeon is one of the UK's leading landscape and garden design specialists.
  • Garden & Landscape Design Software
    From beginner to nursery professional, you will find that easy-to-use GrowIt Gold garden and landscape design software more than surpasses your needs
  • Janette Ray
    Specialises in the purchase and sale of rare and out of print books on architecture and building crafts, landscape design, design history, including international exhibitions, and town planning
  • Space to Place, Whaley Bridge
    Private garden design and construction, landscape architecture for the public and private sectors
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