The Sport Of Golf

Golf is one of our national sports but how much do you really know about it?

The sport of golf, invented in Scotland and whose name is from the Dutch word ‘kolf’, meaning ‘club’, has forged its way into the pastimes of millions throughout the world. Golf is recognised as one of the leading sports in the modern era and continues to grow and unite people on a global platform. The game in principle is simple to understand, but takes a great deal more effort for the majority to play. The idea is that the ball is to be played using the club, from the teeing ground and into the hole on the green in as fewer strokes as possible.

Equipment Required

To take part in the game of golf you are required to use certain equipment. Players use a range of clubs including woods, irons, wedges and a putter. Each club is shaped differently and used for different purposes. A wood for example, will be used to tee off as it enables you to strike the ball a long distance, where as a pitching wedge is shaped to get under the ball and therefore is used much nearer the hole. A bag and trolley are used to hold and carry the clubs respectively around the course. The internet is a great resource to be used to purchase all the gear needed to play the sport, for amateurs, professionals, men and women alike.


As a professional or casual hobbyist, you can enjoy a vast range of courses across the world, with combined holidays offering people the opportunity to play the game while enjoying spectacular views in exotic locations.


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