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For all you need to know about number plates check out our guides.

There are many different types of car number plates, DVLA number plates, personalised number plates, private number plates. Whatever your query we can help you find the right number plate for you, what to consider when buying a number plate, the top dealers and all the latest news on number plates. Check out all the legal information and read our articles and guides to make sense of all the different number plates you can buy.

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  • Car Reg
    Welcome to private number plates. The company started in the late eighties with a few commission sales, now nearly 20 years on Carreg boasts a massive database full of private plates.
  • Plates by Post
    Search for private number plates ranging from £49 upwards. For legal number plates and high quality replacement number plates check our website.
  • Cherished Number Plates
    Cherished number plates are a great way for you to personalize your vehicle and stand out from the crowd.
  • Premier Plates
    Car registrations & personalised number plates of quality available on-line. In excess of 18 million available. We also supply acrylic number plates for cars & motorcycles.
  • Personally Yours
    Agent and dealers in car registration numbers and cherished number plates
  • Safetyshop
    Safety signs and premises management products for the UK and Europe plus customised world-wide signage and car number plates
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