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The mobile phone has become a real fashion accessory. Here we show you the best sites to get a mobile and all accessories.

Long gone are the days of very few basic handsets to choose from. Nowadays shop walls are littered with phones, each of which will have a range of accessories. Every handset can be bought independently, however, each network will offer a range in which to choose from. If you buy a handset along with a tariff you should get it considerably cheaper as they are subsidised by the phone company. When choosing which phone you would like, consider what you’ll use it for. There will be little point getting a mobile with a small battery life if you require a long talk time.


The amount of accessories available will vary depending on which phone you buy. All mobiles come with a regular charger but you may also be able to get one specifically design for a car. They allow you to use the car as a power source by plugging them into the cigarette lighter socket. It is now illegal to talk on the phone while you are driving, so if you have the need, you’ll have to install a car kit. There are many generic kits that sit basically in any car and allow you to speak on hands-free using extra speakers and microphone. Alternatively you may go through your car dealer to fit an official version. These are likely to be of better quality and well hidden. Normal hands-free kits are also available using a single ear-piece either wired directly to the phone, or more recently using the newer Bluetooth technology.

Useful Websites

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  • Mobile Chooser
    independent mobile phone advice on with a price-beating promise and £50 of free accessories
  • Sony Ericsson
    a vast range of unique accessories; from Bluetoothâ„¢ products to snap on micro cameras, from laser pointers & torches to mobile phones.
  • Sony Ericsson
    Discover mobile phones, accessories, PC cards and M2M products at Sony Ericsson UK. Explore imaging, messaging, entertainment and connectivity.
  • Partmaster
    Offer over 10'000 accessories for mobile, cordless and DECT phones, two-way radios, pagers, printers and hand-held PC's
  • Isis Telecommunications Management
    Supply the corporate market with a varied portfolio of business to business telecommunications products, including mobile phone fleet management, rental phones, accessories, on-line billing, fixed wi
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