The Right Way To Improve Your Living Room

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As the name suggests, living rooms are the centre of our more social activities. They’re where we play board games with friends, unwind with our families and entertain our guests.

That said, there are many different types of people who’ll each want something different out of their living rooms. Those bookish and seldom social may favour chilling out above all, which will be reflected in the room’s decor. The ever-gregarious and outgoing among us are likely to consider the room’s utility as a place of congregation: how many can it sit?

This makes trying to put together a list of how to “improve” one’s living room difficult – since there isn’t an objective quality scale. A better question might be what aspects of a living room have the most bearing on a living room’s character, and in which ways can they be altered to reflect their owners. This is our take.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables – see also, cocktail tables – are usually in the centre of the room. They’re also usually the focal point (except when the TV’s on) and major storage place for frequently used items. For these reasons, they are a good candidate for the living room’s flagship piece of furnishing.

A man-cave living room’s coffee table might be used to house games consoles and serve food from, in which case function will be the key virtue. For those who love to travel, a coffee table is the chance to exhibit something beautiful from another culture.

Of course, not all of us fit so neatly into decor-dictating lifestyles. Lots of people choose their furnishings via simple aesthetic preference. If you’re like this, browsing a broad range of coffee tables is the best way to find what you want. Furniture Village coffee tables cover almost all bases, from modern to shabby-chic, and are reasonably priced.

Wall Paint

A room’s ambience is determined to a great extent by colour, so selecting the right shade or hue for your walls is crucial. Though you’ll make this choice on an intuitive basis, obviously, there are a few facts of colour psychology that might help you optimise wall colour for room purpose a little better:

  • Blue and green rooms are physiologically calming – they lower respiration and blood pressure.
  • Yellow has been known to provoke babies to cry
  • Red rooms actually increase blood pressure.

Removing Your TV

There seems to be a lot of talk in the interior design world over whether TVs ought to be ousted from living-room ubiquity. This is a debate which, for some, has a clear answer. However, there’s a lot to be said for counterpoint.

In the context of many decor styles, a TV is unseemly: a necessary evil. What we suggest is that those who feel this way about their TV, pragmatics allowing, transfer their TV to a different room – you may then devote one room more wholly to media entertainment and the other to aesthetics.




In Summary

When all’s said and done, there is no one way to get a living room “right”. Realising this can help you help you make bolder, more self-orientated decisions, which might go some way to creating the living room that’s right for you.

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