Wearing The Right Size Bra?


A staggeringly large number of women wear completely the wrong size bra - and have done for years. Find out how you should be measuring yourself properly or where to go to get that personal advice that could ensure you buy the perfect bra.

Many women tend to buy the same bra size year after year – even when they lose or gain weight or their body shape changes. Although you may be OK with the same bra size over a period of many years, many women may find that they start to have problems with ill-fitting bras, but they don’t realise that they don’t have the right bra size.

Getting the right bra size for your body shape is very important, by wearing a bra that doesn’t fit you correctly you could experience a number of health problems. Following are a few examples of problems that you can encounter if you don’t buy the right bra size.

Underwire issues

The first common problem that many women find if they don’t buy the right bra size is that the underwire in a bra is poking or pinching them in the chest area. This can be very uncomfortable and can even lead to cuts if the problem is not addressed. If you find that an underwire in a bra is causing you problems, it could be that you need to go up a cup size or you that you need to select a softer bra that doesn’t have an underwire included. In some cases, you may be able to remove the underwire in a bra to make it more comfortable to wear.

Straps Sliding Off

The next problem encountered when you are not wearing the right bra size is that the straps on your bra continually slip off your shoulders. This can be an extremely annoying situation, especially if you are wearing a lot of layers of clothing as you may find yourself constantly fiddling to keep your straps in place.

If your straps are slipping a lot, you should look for bras that have wider straps or you should make sure that your straps are adjusted to the right position. Most bra straps will be adjustable; allowing you to tighten or loosen them to get the best possible fit.

Common Problems

Other women may notice that their bust is sagging down slightly; this can ruin the overall appearance of an outfit as well as feeling very uncomfortable. If you find that this is the case, you may need to shorten the straps on your bra or choose a bra that has a more supportive style i.e.. one that is made of less stretchy fabric. If you find that your bra is constantly riding up at the back, you may need to adjust the hook & eye at the back/front, adjust the straps so that they are looser, or try a smaller size (i.e.. a 34 rather than a 36).

If the band on your bra is too tight, you could experience a lot of discomfort. Resolve this by getting a wider band, or opting for a larger size (i.e.. a 36 rather than a 34). Additionally, you can now buy bra extenders that you can attach to existing bands to increase the overall width around your body; these can be very cost-effective items and can be removed and attached to different bras as and when required. Bra extenders will only cost you a few pounds and they are usually available in white, black and nude colours to match any bra.

If you notice that your bust is bulging; either out of the sides of the bra, or that the cups are overflowing, you may need to go up a band or cup size. Finally, if you find that your shoulders are very sore (i.e.. when you remove your bra you are left with indents or very red marks, you should opt for a bra with wider straps or added padding. If you are not sure about your bra size, you should measure yourself to avoid any future problems.

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