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Paying someone to decorate for you can work out too expensive so why not have a go yourself?

A home is naturally an integral part of ones life and it is therefore important that people get the right look, feel and arrangement. Whether you have just moved in or are in need of a change, decorating will allow you to create the right environment. There’s a wide range of resources to fuel inspiration, from books, magazines, the internet and nature, which offers perfect examples of complimentary colours. Whether you are tiling the bathroom, or simply arranging flowers, decorating can rejuvenate a property and in many cases enhance its value.


With every room there are endless possibilities, but it’s worth bearing a few things in mind. The amount of light received should influence how you decide to decorate. If there is little light for example, then a lighter colour would help enhance the brightness and create the illusion of more space. It’s also important to think about what else will go into the room and how they will relate to each other, like furniture, curtains, paintings, etc., as these will all affect the overall outcome.


Before purchasing any products such as paint or wood, consider the longevity of the project. Is it something that only needs to exist on a short term, or will you want to wait many years before redressing the issue? The main features of an empty room are the walls, floor and ceiling. It’s these that should be addressed first and considered together. Changing the colours and textures will have an affect on each other and the balance of the room.

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  • B&Q DIY
    For all your diy needs for the garden and the home. Get ideas and advice as well as great products to improve your home and garden.
  • Decorating Direct - UK
    Massive range of decorating products, including coloured paint, wood stains, varnish, wallpaper, stencils, brushes, rollers and ladders with secure on-line ordering and delivery throughout the UK
  • Lewis Painting & Decorating
    Whether it's a large or small job, council estate or flat, offer the customer a complete, no-nonsense service giving you the benefit of over 25 years experience, servicing the London area
  • Festive Productions
    Design and manufacture Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and other festive decorating items
  • FriezeFrame
    D.I.Y mural kits for decorating children's bedrooms, kits consist of pre-cut design features which are applied to painted or wallpapered walls
  • Balloon Arcade
    Premier balloon decorating, balloon sculpture and floral artistry company, specialists for weddings, parties and corporate functions
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