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Getting the right insulation for your home will not only keep you warm, but will save you money on your energy bills. Simple tips and ways to add insulation including loft, wall and draft exclusion can all make huge differences.

As power bills continue to rise year on year, you may be looking for cost-effective ways to keep your house warm and reduce the amount of money that you are spending on your gas and electricity. If so, have you thought about looking for free or cheap insulation options?

Any Grants?

A number of loft and cavity wall insulation grants are now available and you could save anywhere from 50-100% of the total cost of having your home insulated. The funding for free or cheap insulation is currently coming from the five largest energy companies, in a bid to help households become more energy efficient.

Drive Down Energy Costs

There’s no doubt that cheap insulation can be a very effective way to drive down your energy costs by keeping your house warm and retaining heat. Therefore, if you can get a grant for the work, to cover most or all of the costs, you may find yourself saving a lot of money on future energy bills.

The process of having free or cheap insulation completed on your house should not be a lengthy one and you should soon start to feel and see the benefits that cavity wall insulation or loft insulation can provide.

How To Get Free Insulation

To find out whether or not you may qualify for free or cheap insulation, perhaps the best place to start is by looking on the internet. Work is sourced out to insulation installers across the country - you can either approach a local installer yourself or if you are a council or housing association tenant you can contact your housing provider to apply directly. You may even be able to complete an online form to find out whether or not you qualify for free or cheap insulation.

Additionally, free or cheap insulation may be advertised in your local newspaper or in leaflets – if so, give the advertiser a call while the grants are still available.

Grant Applications

In most cases, the insulation installer will deal with any grant application paperwork on your behalf, so you could get a grant for cavity wall insulation or loft insulation with minimal fuss – either completely free of charge, or at a much-reduced cost. One thing is for sure, energy bills are set to rise even further over the next few years, so if you have the opportunity of getting free or cheap insulation, it’s very wise to get it done as soon as possible.

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