CPD, Further Learning Courses & MBAs

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Continuing your learning is a pre-requisite for some jobs. CPD courses can help you increase your knowledge and hone your skills. But what about other courses like a Master of Business Administration qualification (an MBA), a new language or specific work related skills.

CPD is all about increasing your knowledge and keeping your qualifications up to date. With thousands of continued professional development courses available online and in the classroom, there's no excuses if you need it for your career. Add to that additional courses like MBAs, further degrees or Accounting or Finance courses and there's hundreds of thousands of them.

As more and more managers ask the question whether they need to go back and study at a business school to gain an MBA - Master of Business Administration - how to know where to go and which course to choose?

Our guides will help you understand what's available, whether it's right for you and what next. Does the MBA better your employment chances and enhance your promotion prospects? Is a business school attached to a university, like the London Business School, any better than a fully private 'stand-alone' business school like Ashridge?

What Are The Benefits of Being PRINCE2 Qualified?

What Are The Benefits of Being PRINCE2 Qualified?