What Are The Benefits of Being PRINCE2 Qualified?


PRINCE2 is the ultimate certification for project managers in any industry, and the recently announced update for the PRINCE2 guidance has got everyone talking about it again.

While the current version of PRINCE2 has already aided countless business in being able to better organise their projects and progress, the latest update promises increased flexibility, improved application, and more in-depth information to improve the practical application of guidance.

Whether you are eager to earn your PRINCE2 certification or expect to wait until the latest update, there are numerous benefits to be found from this course and the information and training that it provides you with may be invaluable to your career.

Improved Management Skills – Monitoring & Managing Progress

With any project, a team should be working towards the same goal and be aware of what needs to be done and what has already been done to reach this goal. Without effectively monitoring and measuring the progress of individuals as well as the team as a whole, you run the risk of team members working at different paces and being unable to complete the project before the deadline.

With PRINCE2 methodology, you will learn a range of techniques to help you manage a project’s progress, which allows you to maintain a consistent working pace to ensure that you meet the project’s deadline and helps you keep track of the tasks that have and have not been completed. This makes it a lot easier to take charge, allocate tasks and establish your team’s priorities.

Improved Interpersonal & Leadership Skills – Information Management & Communication

Communication is key, both within the team and between the team and outside parties. Any people or departments working together on this project will need to communicate effectively to ensure that all information concerning the project is correct and accurate for all parties involved as well as to help the team and others work together. Without effective communication, you may face misunderstandings that can hinder the progress of a project as well as have the project set back by time wasted hunting down information.

A project manager with a PRINCE2 qualification will be capable of being the main point of contact and securing open communication. It will be your responsibility to keep track of any and all important information concerning the project to ensure that no time is wasted by people hunting down answers. By being the main source of information you can also ensure that there are no misunderstandings that may damage a project or impede its progress.

Improved Adaptability – Change Management, Risk Management, Error Response

No matter how meticulous you are in your planning, projects don’t always go the way you expect them to and there will be changes that will throw you off balance.  For some project managers this is a cause to panic, but PRINCE2 qualified professionals know how to handle the situation carefully and learn from their experience.

One of the valuable tools you learn to use with PRINCE2 is the lesson log. This document is used to note any lessons you may have or expect to learn during the project and is used to make note of any mistakes, near misses or positive changes that you would like the team to learn from in the future. You write down what went well and what went badly so that you may incorporate these lessons into your next project or the next stages.

Combining tools and techniques such as this with the easily tailored nature of PRINCE2 prepares you to be more adaptive and flexible in your working style and teaches you to better manage mistakes. Rather than dwelling on what went wrong and feeling that a project has been ruined, with this new approach you will be able to quickly get back on your feet – but this time, with a little more wisdom than you had before.

In Summary

These skills together all help to improve your current work and your employability should you be looking for a promotion or career change. PRINCE2 training is in high demand all year round and seats fill up fast, so if you want to book your place in a PRINCE2 training course, do so today.

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