Money Saving Tips For Motoring


Almost every household has a car in the UK. It's expensive, so why not use our guide to find some great money saving tips for your motoring. From the type of car to switching insurer every single year.

If you are looking for a new car insurance policy and you are either a new or younger driver, you may find yourself on a limited motoring money budget. It's actually easier than you think, with one particularly important thing to point out.

Watching Your Car Budget

Across the board, most drivers are now looking for ways to save on their motoring money costs, as the cost of living and the price of petrol seems to be increasing every other month. It can be difficult to stay on top of your motoring money budget; but there are ways in which you secure low cost motor insurance policies, while also keeping your premiums down.

Start With Car Insurance

Many people underestimate the importance of keeping their premiums down, however, when it comes renewing your car insurance, you will soon realise how important it is.

Make sure you compare different car insurance providers EVERY single year - you get nothing for loyalty - in fact you get the opposite. The insurers look to recoup some of the special deal they offered you last year to lure you in!

Increase Your Excess

It's also a very good idea to pay a higher excess on your policy, in the event of an accident and any subsequent insurance claims it will prove to be a very cost-effective decision.

Generally speaking, the more times that you have to claim on your policy, the higher your renewal costs will be, so try to plan in advance to cover yourself against negative scenarios.

Brand New Driver?

If you are a brand new driver and you have recently passed your driving test, you may want to consider any Pass Plus training programmes that are available in your local area. By completing these programmes, you could qualify for a number of different car insurance discounts – and this will help you to keep your motoring money costs down.

Additionally, if you are a student, look for car insurance deals that are specifically targeted at students, many of these will offer highly discounted insurance rates.

What Type of Car Is It?

Have a think about the kind of car that you are driving; for example; to keep motoring costs down, it’s best to buy a cheap car with a smaller engine. It is highly recommended that you do not modify or customise your car in any way; as any such modifications can push up your insurance premiums even further. If you can, always keep your car parked either in a locked garage or in another secure, off-street location overnight, for example; in your driveway, rather than on a busy street where theft is a more likely scenario.

Third Party Vs Comprehensive

When you are buying your car insurance, think carefully about the kind of policy that will best suit your needs and requirements. It may be more cost-effective to purchase third-party, fire and theft insurance rather than opting for a fully comprehensive cover policy.

Also try to limit the number of drivers that you have on your car insurance policy; perhaps most importantly you should minimise the number of younger drivers, under the age of 25, that you have on your policy, as again, this will increase your premium.

Limit Your Mileage

If you can limit the number of miles that you drive each year, this can also help you to keep your premiums low, and also think about getting your car fitted with an approved immobiliser; this needn’t be expensive but it can make a big difference when you are getting car insurance quotes.

Finally, once again shop around for your insurance to get the very best deal!

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