Advanced Driving Courses Could Lower Your Car Insurance

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With insurance premiums rising all the time, anything which helps keeps those premiums low has got to be worth considering? Have you heard about the Advanced Driving Courses that are now available. Can they affect your premium and how hard are they to complete?

Across the board, drivers are being hit very hard by increasing car insurance payments. In recent years, petrol prices seem to be continually on the increase, as are yearly MOT’s and minor repair jobs - and many drivers may find it a real struggle to stay on top of their ongoing motoring costs.

So finding and securing cheap car insurance that won't let you down when you need it is a must-have. We all seek ways in which to lower our car insurance premiums, but did you know that you can take an advanced driving course to help lower your future car insurance payments?

What Are Advanced Driving Courses?

Advanced driving courses provide people with the opportunity to improve their driving skills and keep them safer on the roads. By partaking in an advanced driving course, drivers can gain confidence in their driving skills; therefore making the roads safer not only for them, but also everyone else on the road. However, another great bonus to taking an advanced driving course is that most drivers will go on to receive substantially reduced car insurance premiums. It makes perfect sense – if you are a more experienced driver, you are deemed to be less of a ‘risk’ on the roads, and therefore your car insurance premiums will reflect this.

Tailored Courses

You can now get tailored advanced driving courses to suit your individual requirements; i.e. there are advanced driving courses for relatively new/younger drivers and also courses that would better suit older or more experienced drivers. Additionally, a range of advanced driving courses are available for those who drive commercial vehicles for work.

Therefore, if you are looking to improve your driving skills in general, while also helping to lower your car insurance premium, you will find an advanced driving course to suit your needs.

How Much Does It Cost?

Advanced driving courses need not be expensive and they won’t usually take up too much of your time, but over the years, you may find that they have a huge impact on the cost of your car insurance premiums. You can find courses now starting at just over £200 through to a residential offering at considerably more (if you're really keen!)

As an added bonus, advanced driving courses can also teach you new ways to be fuel-efficient, therefore helping you to keep down your petrol costs and be more environmentally-friendly and you will learn about any new road safety regulations and laws.

In short, advanced driving courses are a win-win situation! So, if you are looking to lower your car insurance premiums, find out about advanced driving courses in your area.

Useful Websites

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