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One of the happiest days of your life - for some! It's probably the only time you'll ever get most of the people you really care about to come to your party though - as the next time will be your funeral and you're not strictly there! Also don't forget the anniversaries.

Getting married should be the best day of your life if that's your thing. But don't forget the lead up to the big day. The stress of the wedding planning, flowers, cars, seating plans - how many things can possibly go wrong! We've pulled together some guides on weddings to try and help give you some insights. We will try to guide you through how best to plan your wedding with articles on wedding venues, invitations and cars. We also include guides on wedding budgets and how to manage costs and of course how to find that all important item-the wedding dress.

Once the big day has been and gone - then you have to think about the anniversaries. From paper through to diamond or platinum, there's an annual need to flag the day and think of how you can celebrate. From an evening out to staying in with friends, lots of ways to remind you of the big day.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

How To Plan A Wedding

How To Plan A Wedding

Plan Your Wedding On A Budget

Plan Your Wedding On A Budget

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