How To Plan A Wedding

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Planning a wedding can become very stressful - very stressful indeed. But it need not be that way if you change your ways and look to some planning ideas that will ensure your big day doesn't descend into a glorious mess. See our quick guide to the basics below.

Wedding planning can seem like a very daunting task for many couples. In addition to booking a wedding venue there are the outfits, flowers, rings and guest lists to arrange and that’s just a few aspects of wedding planning!

However, rather than stressing about your up and coming big day, there are a few wedding planning tips that you can use to help avoid stress while still getting everything arranged on time and to your exact requirements. By taking a little time to research your wedding planning options, you can save yourself a lot of stress and start to enjoy what should be a very exciting time.

Dont Rush The Planning Phase

Many couples will steam ahead with their wedding arrangements and then discover that the individual factors don’t come together or that they have used their entire budget before the wedding is fully planned. Don’t do this!

If you rush the process of planning your wedding you could find that you have to miss out on some of the most important aspects i.e. there’s no point in spending a fortune on a dress if you can’t afford to pay for the wedding venue!

Spreadsheets Are In!

We're being serious here. It's not about being geeky and nerdy, this is about keeping a track of all the expenditure, the dates and the timings for things. Making sure you have a good starting point will ensure you also don't miss things out. For example :

  1. Flowers
  2. Food
  3. Entertainment
  4. Taxis
  5. Rings
  6. Venue

There's plenty out there - but here's a good starting point for wedding downloadable spreadsheets.

The beauty about Excel is that it keeps a tally on the expenditure, can work out what's been paid and is what needs to be paid and if you're clever you can build in alerts for when things are due.

Comparing Providers

Where you have a choice, you can take the time to check a few different suppliers in order to check prices, see what they can offer and make sure you are comfortable with trusting them with your big day.

This need not be stressful, just look for recommendations from friends, family or just create a list from local providers and then make a list of all of the things that you need for your wedding and cross them off one by one as you sort them out.

Set Your Colour Scheme

Have a good think about the colour scheme, designs and styles that you want for your venue decorations, flowers, wedding dress and other wedding outfits. By establishing a colour scheme you can help the process of wedding planning go a lot easier.

If necessary, make up a ‘sample’ board of the kind of materials and colour schemes that you would like for your wedding (you can even cut examples out of wedding magazines or anywhere else that you spot a theme that you like). Take the sample board with you when you are shopping for your dress or other wedding essentials.

Set A Realistic Budget

Be realistic when you are setting a wedding budget; remember that a wedding is for one day only, although you will naturally want it to be a very special occasion, try not to break the bank for one day!

Most importantly, keep calm and focussed when you are wedding planning and remember to enjoy this very special time in your lives.

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