7 Top Tips To Get That Creative Job

creative jobs

Anyone in search of a creative job knows to be creative! A delicate balance is required to distinguish your application as creative rather than eccentric. Here are six tips that can help you find a position in which to exercise your creative muscle.

1. Search The Right Places

Creativity is a valuable asset, but finding a job based on creativity is another matter. Whether it's fashion or product design, the culinary arts, or artistry in a specific mode, such as sculpture, interior decorating, or photography, it is important to accent your creative qualities without going overboard. Some applicants have sent their applications by special delivery or accompanied by designer chocolates; that is not the way to apply for a professional position. Check online postings for creative-type jobs in your field of interest, consult friends and colleagues employed by companies that interest you, and review publications that list ads for desirable positions.

2. Think About Using A Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agency can help match you up with the right position for you they have many years experience in tailoring your job search to what you are qualified for and likely to succeeded in interview. Creative Recruitment is a big industry and you will be able to find an agency near you online and start taking the steps you need to get the job you want. They will also be very helpful in outlining what you will need to do to pass the interview and secure the job.

3. Design An Appropriate Resume

Rather than use extreme colours, fonts, or styles, choose a tasteful approach to showcase your experience and talents. Subtle or neutral shades of paper typically work best in a readable, if not predictable, font. If you organise the resume in a more contemporary than traditional style, make sure it's easy to read and find key information. Use a matching envelope.

4. Follow Expected Application Conventions

Don't be tempted to submit your application by email if the job description requests print materials. Take note of the deadline to ensure your application arrives on time, rather than late or early to attract notice, which is sure to be unfavourable. Include relevant instead of unnecessary details.

5. Select Appropriate References

Perhaps one of the most creative people you know is brilliantly humorous - and an alcoholic. Avoid listing that person as a reference unless he or she is dependable enough to provide a reliable reference. References should be individuals who are either somewhat creative in their own right, or who are good judges of creative abilities in others, as can be noted in their credentials.

6. Prepare For A Great Interview

Unless the job position calls for it, avoid flashy dress or an appearance that calls undue attention to you. Offer a professional demeanour that can be punctuated by well-timed flashes of creativity that a prospective employer will appreciate. For example, being prepared with information about the company's background or competitors, or even better - its strategic goals if published online - can make a very positive impression on the interviewer.

7. Don't Pull Any Stunts

While you may be tempted to do something outlandish to get noticed apart from other applicants, this is generally a bad idea. Mimicking a celebrity's voice or bringing along an unusual prop may have the opposite effect than the one you are hoping for.

Above all, be yourself. Reveal your creative side through an attractive resume and well-thought out answers to interview questions.

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