Processed Food More Nutritious Than Fresh Foods?

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Around 7,000 new academic studies are released each day. While this is certainly a lot of science to wrap your head around, there’s no need to worry because we’ll do it for you. Here’s a look at the latest information from all the journals, research institutions, and news outlets across the world.

Make Smart Processed Food Choices

Some people are under the impression processed food is junk food, but the Washington Post disagrees; suggesting that there are some processed foods that aren’t that bad for you. What matters is how they are processed. Freezing, sprouting, or fermenting food can actually increase their nutritional value. Make smart processed food choices by avoiding foods rich in sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and enriched flour.

If you take supplements as part of a fitness routine, the same principle applies. There are many processed electrolyte drink supplements for example that absorb into your body within minutes. Without any processing, the bcaa’s that your body needs to build muscle wouldn’t be able to get absorbed into your muscles until long after a workout.

Listen To Music

Researchers from McGill University have found that listening to music you love can affect the brain in a similar fashion to sex and drugs. The researchers blocked the opioid system in the brains of the subjects using naltrexone. The opioid system is needed to experience pleasure from food, sex, and drugs. Participants then listened to music, including their favourite songs. It was found that the music didn’t give them pleasure anymore, with one subject remarking that the music was pretty, but didn’t do anything for them.

Take A Look At The Latest Cancer Statistics

Kaiser Health News reported via USA Today that the latest cancer drugs might not be as great as people think they are. The latest studies show that the 72 therapies for cancer approved between 2002 and 2014 extended the life of patients by just 2.1 months compared to old treatments. The article also reports that around two-thirds of the latest drugs from the past two years don’t have any impact at all on survival rates.

Study Your Heart

Researchers at the York University made quite the breakthrough when they developed a 3D heart in which cardiac muscle cells, vascular cells, and connective tissue cells, all beat together in synchrony. This is a major breakthrough because it makes it easier to study the heart and test heart drugs, potentially stopping harmful meds from being prescribed to people who can’t handle them.

Test For Parkinson’s

A study from the Neurology journal shows that Parkinson’s disease can be tested for with a simple blood test that proved to be as accurate as testing spinal fluid. The blood test can also tell the difference between Parkinson’s and other conditions that are similar, which is necessary to create the right treatment plan.

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