Buying Home Fitness Equipment Online


Creating a home gym can be far more cost effective than joining a gym, but only if you are dedicated enough to use the stuff you've bought. But where should you get the equipment and how much should you be paying?

If you’re searching for accessories or gym equipment for the home, then we can help. Whenever you are considering investing in some exercise equipment you have to think about  a range of things prior to diving in for the first sexy-looking piece of equipment you see. So where do you start?

First Things First

Before making a purchase just think about a few things that will help you realise whether you do actually want to spend money on things that you may not use after the packaging has been thrown away.

Do you have enough room for the equipment you want to buy? Can you afford the equipment? How much do you think you will use it?

Bearing in mind if you have very little motivation, no self motivation and you like to dabble in working out - some weeks you do some weeks you don't - then you may be better looking at a Pure Gym or Easy Gym membership that comes in at less than £15 a month and you can use whenever you want for free.

What Do You Enjoy?

We can show you the best deals on a wide range of gym equipment from leading manufacturers like Life Fitness, Inspire Fitness, Woodway, Jordan Fitness, Waterower and many more.  Making sure you know what you enjoy doing is the first thing you need to workout before you start spending money.

Don't just buy an exercise bike if, truth be told, you'd rather poke yourself in the eye than sit on a bike for 30 minutes to do a cardio session. This is the biggest mistake that most people buying fitness equipment make - it's also a very expensive one in most cases.

Usually speaking you will break things down to :

  • Cardio - rowing, cycling or running
  • Strength - free weights, squatting, bench press
  • Circuits/CrossFit - a mixture of exercises completed in a circuit to keep your heart rate up

How To Choose A Reliable Company?

When spending a few hundred pounds or even a few thousand, you need to know the retailer is going to be there throughout the purchase process. You also need to feel reassured the equipment you are buying is a good brand/manufacturer and is going to be up to the job you are asking of it.

This is where online fitness equipment choices will make a big difference. We know that provides pre-sales advice, a simple and secure way to purchase online and after care sales support.

They have also made the decision to only work with companies that provide quality products and have the capability of supporting any warranty issues or minor issues post-delivery. Everyone get's it wrong sometimes, but overall they are all top notch manufacturers. How do we know this? Because we've bought from them on a number of occasions and always had great communication and support.

Why Go Online?

As well as sheer choice and convenience, online gives you a way to understand the equipment and the way it could feature in your home. For example buying an exercise bike is not the same as going out on the road and cycling. These are two very different experiences. Heaver, buying an indoor cycle like the ICG6 from Life Fitness is about as close as you'll get to a road bike that uses indoor technology. This can make all the difference when it comes to you working out 3 or 4 times a week.

Why Are Prices Cheaper?

Online, increasingly companies are not storing hundreds of pieces of equipment in a warehouse. When you purchase from a company the actual product comes direct from the manufacturer to fulfil your order. This means no expensive warehouse, staff or warehousing and logistic software to worry about. This means those savings can be passed on, which makes the equipment less expensive.

Of course depending on how the online store is set up, every online store will have slightly different prices. Some more expensive and some at great prices to lure you in.

Online also usually has the range of products that no store can have. For instance John Lewis has an excellent 'small' range of equipment. They can't possibly compete with a pure online retailer who has thousands of products 'virtually' in front of you.

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