Guide To CBD Oil

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CBD is also known as cannabidiol and is a natural extract of the hemp plant. It is non intoxicating and has no psychoactive properties.It is naturally sourced from hemp, the non marijuana strain of the cannabis plant.

What Is CBD?

It is important to note that both hemp and the marijuana plant are both part of the cannabis family but the hemp plant only contains tiny traces of something called THC. This has been linked to psychoactive effects and is very present in marijuana. The amount in hemp is not enough to cause any psychoactive effectsa.So CBD oil will not make you 'high' and for this reason is now being viewed as a nutritional supplement.

What Is CBD For?

The industry is well regulated and so claims cannot at the moment be made about the health benefits of CBD.

What To Look For

When buying CBD do look for 100% natural. You can then be sure that no herbicides or pesticides were used at all. It is generally accepted that due to not enough research is is not safe to take CBD during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Different Options When Buying

CBD can be bought in a capsule format, oral spray and ion liquid drops. Oral sprays and liquid drops are absorbed more quickly. When buying look for how many grams of CBD is in what you are buying.

Is CBD Legal?

It is legal to buy and take CBD supplements in the UK.A responsible company will never sell to anyone under the age of 18.The regulations at the moment merely state that no company can make any health claims on the back of taking CBD.If however you are travelling we would advise you to check the laws in the country and even when travelling from, state to state in the US. If in any doubt, our advice is to leave your CBD at home.

When buying CBD oil do check out the status of the seller. If for example they are a member of the cannabis Trades Association you can be confident they will be operating legally within the UK.

CBD Dosage

If you are new to CBD oil then it is advisable to start with a low dose and then build up. Different people will react differently so do bear this in mind.A high strength can be measured as 6.4mg to super strength 15 mg.



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