What Is Public Liability Insurance?


If you work with the public, have a shop or provide any sort of coaching, then Public liability insurance is a crucial insurance that will cover you in the event of the worst happening. How can you get this at the right price?

Whether you work alone as a hairdresser or employ a team of people, public liability insurance should be a key consideration for any business that has regular contact with clients or customers. But what exactly are the benefits, and where can you find this type of insurance?

What Is a Liability Claim?

This is the part of law that focuses on a civil wrong. This means that when someone is injured, they then sue the owner/occupier/sports professional under common law focussing on negligence in order to claim for some kind of financial payout (damages).

Liability claims can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds for what may seem very innocuous injuries. Unfortunately, with more 'no win no fee' services available than ever before, public liability claims have rocketed in recent years as more claims are approved and damages paid out.

All of this means, if you engage in any business activity with any member of the public, liability insurance has never been more relevant and more important for you to have. As well as paying a business' legal fees in the event of a claim, public liability can cover other legal expenses incurred along the way.

So Who Needs It?

Given the impact that a liability claim could have on the long term future of a business, it’s surprising that some trades still overlook this kind of cover.

Public liability is actually appropriate for a wide range of businesses, from builders and decorators to shop owners and hairdressers. As a general rule, if you own a business that comes into regular contact with clients or customers, you should probably consider taking out this type of insurance.

One of the more popular forms of liability cover in recent years is for sports training and coaching. For example personal trainer public liability insurance covers Personal trainers for training clients in the park, at home in the gym or in a studio. As you can imagine, a sprained ankle, torn ligament or even back pain is far more likely when you're exercising.

With cover for £5m for a year starting from as little as £95 this is a small price to pay for reassurance that you are covered whatever may happen.

What Level of Cover?

That said, it is equally important that you get the policy that is right for your business. It is possible that you have little experience of liability claims and are unsure about the level of cover that is appropriate. You might also be unsure about how much you should be paying for your policy. Whatever your business, it is important that you find an insurance provider that is able to understand these requirements and can offer flexible levels of cover so you’re not paying over the odds.

Find a business that understands that every business is different, and offers flexible limits of business insurance accordingly. If you are a very small operation with little risk, you might consider £1 million of public liability cover.

However, if your business is small to medium and carries more exposure, you need to think about a minimum of a £5 million policy.

Make Sure You Compare

You can easily and quickly compare public liability quotes from a number of top UK insurers - so there are no excuses. Always read the small print carefully to ensure you are within their guidelines for turnover, whether employees are covered, whether it covers a limited company and of course EXACTLY what is covered.

Please be careful with some policies that promise the earth for a very very low annual fee. Recognised insurers that offer Public Liability include Hiscox, AXA, MMA, Groupama and more. This ensures that you get a public liability insurance quote that is both tailored and at a great price.

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