How To Successfully Claim On Your Travel Insurance


People often find filling out insurance forms really daunting. So if you need to claim on your travel insurance what should you bear in mind?

Before You Leave

If you are taking valuables on holiday with you then do photograph them before you go. Also take your insurance policy details with you including policy numbers and emergency phone numbers in case you need to call them.

Keep All Receipts

You may be asked for receipts for things like food and drink, particularly if you are claiming for a cancelled or delayed flight. Just keep everything, you don’t know when you may need them.

Involve The Police If You Are A Victim Of Theft

Your insurer may require you to get a crime reference number if you are claiming on an item that has been stolen. Report the incident to the police within 24 hours.

Submit Your Claim As Soon As Possible

Call your insurer to let them know a claim is on the way. Some policies do put a time limit on claims, so act fast.

Medical Claims

For a medical claim try and call your insurer to get agreement first. Many insurers will verbally give you agreement over the phone. Some policies will not pay out unless you speak to them first.

How To Cope With A Rejection

If you do get rejected on your claim then it could be a good idea to complain to the Financial Ombudsmen. You may not win but it could be successful so you have nothing to lose. Raising a complaint is free and the Ombudsmen has to provide a ruling.

It may be useful to know what are the most common reasons insurers don’t pay out on travel insurance claims. Here we list the main culprits.

Reasonable Care Was Not Taken Over Possessions

Many insurers will not pay out if they believe you have not looked after your possessions. A common example is if you leave your bag in a car.

Checking Valuables Into The Hold

Some policies have not paid out if your valuables are not with you on the flight. If they are in the hold they could say that you have put them outside of your control.

You Don’t Have A Police Report If Something Is Stolen

Most policies will not pay out unless local police can verify that the crime happened. You must therefore get a crime number.

Definition Of Who A Close Relative Is

Cancelling a holiday or needing to come home because a family member is ill is an interesting one. Many insurance companies do not for example classify an uncle as a close relative.


Drinking, drugs and insurance claims never go well together. If you are drunk when you had an accident or lost something then your insurance company will not pay out.

Not Getting The Right Vaccinations

If you don’t take the right vaccinations and you get ill while you are away your insurance company may not pay out.

Missing Deadlines

Some policies are very clear when and how quickly you have to claim. Many claims are rejected as people simply apply too late.


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