Tenerife - The Holiday Island

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The scorching sunny island of Tenerife is one of the few places in Europe that promises a great a climate all year round. It's also overlooked by many for fear of drunken Brits and loud parties. Is that true still?

From the volcanic scenery to the lively resorts in the, Tenerife is packed with stunning coastlines and superb beaches. Its beaches are extremely clean, and their constant maintenance really shows, something Tenerife can be very proud about. You can get great rate holidays to the Island of Tenerife so now is a great time to go.

Amazing Sights

The island is packed with outstanding contrasts. Despite the whole Canarian archipelago being volcanic, it’s Lanzarote where the most recent volcanic activity is evident. There are over 300 peaks (the majority of which are extinct but some are just taking a nap), and you can learn more about them in the Timanfaya National Park. 


The island is bursting with life, giving its own astonishing and unmistakable character. Many people indigenous to the island didn’t give up after the incredible eruptions in the 18th and 19th century; instead, they found an inventive way of cultivating the infertile lava fields, making sure to conserve their natural heritage, culture and traditions.

Night Life Important?

If you are looking for a party atmosphere, Santa Cruz offers Carnaval, 24-hour party. Festivities start in February and last three weeks. Even in February, the weather is very pleasant, perfect for partying hard. You’ll still see people dressed for the event as naughty nuns and perverted priests, and more drag queens than sequins.


There are so many gorgeous places to explore in Tenerife – from the hot and sunny coastal resorts and untouched beaches of Papagayo to the classy resort of Playa Blancahot, from the Costa Teguise on the east coast to the cultural capital city of Arrecife, you’ll find something that’ll please.

In Summary

So if you want to get away from the cold climate of home and visit an island that promises relaxation, warm weather, sublime cuisine and scenic views, with culture and excitement thrown in for good measure, the little island of Tenerife offers big entertainment. There’s something for everybody, whether a family holiday with children, couples looking for romance, or singletons looking for great nightlife – no matter what your age or Tenerife has something to suit every taste.

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