World University Rankings

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The World University Rankings are hugely important to Universities, particularly for recruiting overseas students. But how do UK Universities fair? This changes year on year, but the top 10 are largely shuffling with each other.

There are many different lists published each year, some rating Universities by subjects. Most rankings are based on evidence like research publications, international presence and the opinions of employers and academics.

Obviously in the US the IVY league universities dominate whilst in the UK, "the Russell Group" are more than well represented.

The Top Ten Universities In The World

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  2. Stanford
  3. Harvard
  4. California Institute of Technology
  5. Cambridge
  6. Oxford
  7. University College, London
  8. Imperial College, London
  9. Chicago
  10. ETH Zurich

The top three in this list are unchanged from last year. UK  Universities do feature but many are ranking lower than they did last year. London has the highest concentration of top Universities with 4 in the top 50 and 17 in the overall rankings.

UK Universities

The highest ranked UK Universities are:

5. Cambridge

6. Oxford

7. University College, London

8. Imperial College, London

9. Kings College, London

23. Kings College, London

23. Edinburgh

34. Manchester

35. London School of Economics and Political Science

44. Bristol

57. Warwick

65. Glasgow

78. Durham

82. Sheffield

84. Nottingham

92. St Andrews

101. Leeds

102 Southampton

127. Queen Mary, University of London

135. Lancaster

Exactly why UK Universities have slipped is up for debate. The Higher Education Policy Institute has blamed funding for the lower rankings. Tuition fees have been frozen and research funding has also not grown as fast as in previous years which together may have affected the placings of UK Universities.

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