Making Your Own Fat Loss Miracle

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Ever come across pictures on the internet that show the before and after of people who lose fat? Most times, we are like "Wow!" how did that happen? it takes simple lifestyle changes, constant workout and commitment to work out that kind of miracle.

Here are some tips you can adopt to create your own before and after miracle.

Eating Fat Burning Foods

We have learnt from experience that what we eat and how we eat play an important role in increasing or reducing body fat. The right combination of vitamins and nutrients and some simple lifestyle modifications will greatly assist your fat lose process.

  • Eating food containing amino acid leucine in the right quantities will assist in keeping muscle mass during your period of weight loss. Food with low calories count such as turkey or any other lean meat will help improve your metabolism and significantly encourage weight loss.
  • If you are someone with serious cravings for dairy products, then low fat yoghurt should be your new best friend as it is an excellent source of calcium which helps weight lose and fat burning.
  • For breakfast, cereals low in sugar but high in fibre is a much undervalued slimming agent.
  • Peanuts, canola nuts and a host of other edible nuts regulate blood sugar and help fight weight gain. Eating a handful of these once a while is highly recommended.
  • For food cooking that requires oil, soy oil and canola oil are forms of diglyceride. They don’t store up in the body as fat.
  • Fatty fish (it are called fatty fish because of the omega 3 fatty acid it contains, not because it encourages weight gain) such as mackerel, tuna and salmon helps improve metabolism and so burns fat.

Fat Burning Supplements

You have probably heard a lot about fat burning supplements but wonder what it is and if it works. Fat burning supplements are forms of thermogenics. Thermogenics work by converting the body’s fat reserves to energy. Thermogenics contain ingredients that help to reduce appetite, cut back cravings for junk and high cholesterol foods and help with energy for your workout and exercises which will ultimately speedup fat lose. There have been lots of success stories and positive testimonies on the efficacy of fat burning supplements such as one by Maz Delacerna from Australia. She said "I decided to try Instant Knockout after trying several other fat burners and after tons of research. I took the leap. Boy, am I glad I did.

Constant Workout

Adopting a high impact work out regime will help you burn off more calories in less time. There are lots of effective exercises that can stimulate your lymphatic system. Running for at least one hour each day for no lesser than four days in a week at a researched burn out rate of 1000 calories by hour will see you burn a lot of fat in a few months. Incorporating weights in your exercise regime will not only burn fat but build muscles. It doesn’t have to be full scale weights, simple dumb bells will work just as fine.

Staying fit and healthy should be a permanent way of life for good health and longevity. Eating more healthy food, an effective workout lifestyle and less junk food is the perfect recipe for a fit, fat free life. It is important to consult with your doctor before engaging in an exercise regime.

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