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A personal trainer can make all the difference to your training, but where do you find one that is properly qualified? How much do you need to pay? Who knows they are a bonefide personal trainer?

By using the services of a personal trainer you could make your fitness workouts more effective. An experienced personal trainer will assist you in many ways; they will help you to improve your overall performance and stamina and achieve any fitness goals that you may have either through personal fitness training, or to use in competitive sports. They will also help with your motivation and endurance levels; showing you effective ways to work out harder and for longer periods of time, therefore gaining quicker and better results.

However, it doesn’t end there, a great personal trainer will also have the knowledge and experience required to help you train correctly (i.e.. in a safe way to avoid potential injuries) and they will assist you in the planning of a customised workout plan that is right for you and your lifestyle. This kind of experience is essential to make sure that you remain focused on your exercise program and that you can effectively monitor your ongoing progress.

So, if you think that a personal trainer is the right option for you, how should you go about finding a good one? The first thing to consider when you are choosing a personal trainer is to establish exactly what you want from your exercise program. For example; are you looking to lose weight, or are you training for a specific event, such as a marathon? Alternatively, do you play for a competitive sport team, or are you thinking of joining a team in the future? All of these aspects will determine the kind of personal trainer that you need.

Also consider a personal trainers background i.e.. there are a number of professional certifications for personal trainers, so make sure that they hold the correct qualifications. Some personal trainers may even have degrees in exercise science, physical education, or in other related health fields, this can be a good sign if you are looking for someone who is highly qualified. Also consider their experience, i.e.. if you are a competitive athlete you will need someone who fully understands the requirements of your sport, whereas if you just want to get fit using a basic exercise program, a general trainer may be suitable.

Research your options very carefully when you are choosing a personal trainer. You may find that your local health club/gym has a list of recommended personal trainers, or you may be able to ask around and get a few recommendations from family, friends or other acquaintances. Referrals can be a great way to find the best personal trainer for your individual needs, so ask people who have hired a personal trainer for a similar reason as yours and make a list of any names that you are given.  It’s also very important to meet potential personal trainers in person before you hire their services. Personality will largely dictate whether or not they are the right personal trainer for you, so take the time to arrange a meeting and ask them any relevant questions.

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