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Relax and unwind. From facials to all over body massages or manicures, spa deals on offer will help ensure you can get pampered for less if you know where to look.

With current financial constraints still in people's minds, making sure you get the best deal when pampering yourself should be something you focus on. Whether you are looking at a local venue and a 2 for 1 spa treatment or a full day experience, make sure you shop about if you want to save money.

Where Can I Find Deals?

There are great spa offers available in locations right across the UK. From towns and cities to the countryside and the spa's and hotels on the coast. Britain has a long history of spa towns, as well as 5 star hotels that provide spa treatments, so finding cheap spa breaks is easy. Why not treat yourself to a bit of rest and relaxation and be pampered at one of Britain’s spa retreats. There are a whole range of treatments available so you can be as extravagant as you wish.

When looking for the right spa deals, it's important to think about a few things first before you dive in.


This is pretty important when looking for your cheap spa deals. Where do you want to go? Close to home is quick and easy, and will avoid travel hassles, but going slightly further a field opens up more of the country, with the possibility of some spectacular areas to enjoy. Ultimately it's a personal decision, based on location cost, travel time etc, but it's worth remembering that going somewhere different will make the whole getaway seem more special.


The other major issue to compare before you book is the facilities on offer. Not just treatments, but additional facilities like a pool, sauna's or restaurant. The facilities vary quite widely between different resorts with many venues offering a wide range of specialties.

Some spas will have a focus on beauty treatments, whilst others will primarily specialize in diet and detox or exercise. What any spa should offer is a taste of relaxation. Of course, at the top end of the budget you will find all of these services offered in one location.

How to Find Great Deals

There's lots of ways, but we suggest focusing on the following :

Internet :

Everyone's first choice for travel bargains these days, you'll find good deals on consolidators or travel websites, and also direct from the vendor.

Travel agents :

Believe it or not, High Street Travel agents still exist and they can be a great source of information, with a knowledge of the travel business that is hard to replicate with a simple online search.

Newspapers :

The big national newspapers have a weekly travel section (often on the weekend) that can list special offers.

Call the Spa Direct :

If you know exactly where you want to go, it's always worth calling up and asking if they have any deals on offer. Many places will offer unadvertised discounts if you ask.

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