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Sometimes you will hear about fast approval loans called payday loans or wageday advances. This is not quite correct as nowadays most unsecured loan companies also offer a fast approval service for getting a loan.

How Do They Do It?

Fast loan approval is now possible thanks to the ever more connected credit reporting system offered by the likes of Experian. Loan companies look at your credit rating as well as the figures you are putting down on your application to make a quick decision over whether you can afford to borrow money.

They also take this opportunity to work out whether you are the sort of person they want to lend to in terms of their risk.

Why We Need to Borrow

Most of us need to borrow money at some point. Whether you are struggling to keep on top of your bills or have an unexpected cost like a new boiler.

If so, you’re definitely not alone, the current financial situation has had a detrimental impact on many people. The cost of living continues to rise and yet our salaries are remaining stagnant – and in many sectors, job losses are now common place as companies struggle to stay afloat in a very uncertain climate.

Collectively, we simply do not have the spare cash that we used to have for every day necessities, let alone to pay for unexpected costs. To this end, you may need a quick loan decision, either to consolidate your existing debts into one easy payment, or for other reasons, such as the purchase of essential goods.

Securing the Money

If you are looking for a quick source of cash, did you know that if you really need to, you can get a loan decision in just a few minutes?

Banks, building societies and other lenders are becoming more competitive in recent years in order to secure new customers - and one way that they can do this is by offering instant loan decisions. Gone are the long winded applications for a loan with multiple visits to the bank manager, complicated forms to fill in and then a very uncertain wait to find out whether or not your application had been successful.

When the internet arrived, all of this changed, it is now possible to make a loan application 100% online and find out the loan decision in minutes, sometimes even seconds.

Reasons for Quick Loans

Quick decision loans could be a great solution for anyone who needs cash quick.

For example, can you imagine if your boiler broke down beyond repair during the winter months? A replacement would be needed very quickly; however, very few of us would have the money available for such a major cost.

Likewise, if you needed to buy a new car, you could be left with a real predicament if you had to save up for months to buy a replacement vehicle – but by getting a loan decision in minutes you could take a lot of the hassle and worry away. Modern technology makes applying for a loan a very easy, straight-forward process. Before you apply for a loan, you can compare deals with multiple companies and then choose the deal that best suits your individual needs and requirements.

Will You Be Approved?

As with any type of finance, a number of factors will be taken into consideration by the lender.

  • Your credit rating (a credit check will usually be carried out with several credit rating agencies to assess your ability to pay back a loan)
  • Your occupation
  • Living arrangements
  • Current salary
  • Age

In many cases, loans are still available for non-homeowners and for individuals who have mortgage arrears, CCJs or a less than perfect credit score. You will be prompted to supply basic information about yourself, along with the amount that you need to borrow and then a decision will be made almost instantly.

So, if you do need cash quickly, you can get a loan decision in minutes!

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