Buying Wine Online

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Buying your wine online can open a great range of options and also save you money.

With the facility to shop online, it comes as no surprise to see drinks companies taking this as a very serious outlet. As time goes by, businesses have been able to target the pitfalls of internet shopping, offering a more rounded service and secure payment. It is the confidence received from the speed of delivery and high level services which ensures we continue buying online.


The internet can be used for buying many different types of wine. Buying online from a supermarket or off-license will mean you won’t get the opportunity to look at the product in person and judge the individual quality like you would do when purchasing in a shop or winery. But the companies will have a responsibility to supply you with wines which meet certain standards, and if not met, should definitely be replaced. When you first load up the relevant sites, it’s important there is some method to check that their delivery covers your local area and then register your personal details so they know where to go. For those who are new to this method of shopping, when viewing a product you will notice an icon which refers to your basket. This is where your choices are stored until checkout.


When ordering drinks products you will typically be asked for your credit card details, with most shopping sites these days accommodating the facility to purchase over the web. The charge usually incorporates delivery and don’t forget to check the terms and conditions of purchase to make sure that you can return the products if need be.

Useful Websites

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  • Cellar & Kitchen wine
    Cellar and Kitchen is an online wine merchant based in the UK from Adnams Brewery. Supplies a wide selection of wines from around the world which can be purchased by the bottle or by the case.
  • Banquet in a Box
    Exclusive, hassle-free, delicious Gourmet food. Luxury Gourmet meals. Dinner Party and Buffet Menus. Exclusive Wine List. Secure online ordering, delivery anywhere in the UK.
  • Bring My Wine
    Online wine retailer with an extensive range of wines, "rare gems", special offers, wine auctions, features and articles written by top wine experts
  • Lay and Wheeler
    Award-winning online wine merchant, retailers and shippers, stockists of the finest wines from France, Italy, Germany, Australia, California, South Africa and elsewhere
  • wine domaine
    Internet wine shop, offering years of experience as leading UK wine merchants and an unrivalled online range of quality wines and champagnes from around the world
  • chebello
    Online-shop for lovers of Italian wine and culture, as well as collectors, specialists and connoisseurs - or just anyone who simply likes enjoying the good things in life and who are interested in kno
  • Add Your Website Here

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