Essential Advice For Beginner Motorcyclists

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Your breath could be easily taken away if you regularly watch motorcyclists whizzing their way along roads on their impressive machines. You could even be tempted to purchase your own motorcycle; however, if you aren't experienced with riding one, you could benefit from some tips.

You should think especially carefully about how to keep yourself safe during your travels on that bike. Here are some factors to keep in mind as you try to get to grips with motorcycling...

Consider Buying A Cheap Motorcycle

Often, new riders are so excited about buying a bike that they opt for a highly cutting-edge model. However, this is ill-advised if you will be using this bike to learn how to ride skilfully. In that situation, it will bear the brunt of your mistakes and, therefore, could too easily get damaged.

How long will it take you to learn riding skills? Motorbike Writer suggests half a year or a full year. In that time, you might damage the bike enough to need to buy a second one; so, resist overspending.

Large Bikes Are Not Ideal For Novices

It flies in the face of a common myth, but a beginner motorcyclist should not make their first bike a big one. You should avoid being what HuffPost cites as a "squid": a new rider with too much confidence in their abilities who chooses a large motorcycle to wow their mates.

The word "squid" comes from motorcycle parlance, which could have a less confusing word for you if you fail to heed your potential struggles in handling big bikes in tight turns...

Really Get To Know Your Motorbike

By educating yourself about your bike's fuel economy and fuel capacity, you can discern the vehicle's range. By learning all of these statistics, you can prepare yourself for taking an initial trip - which, we ought to add, should be a short trip in your case.

However, before setting out on that trip, remember to check both of the tyres. You should look at the condition and pressure - and prevent the tyres becoming damaged by nails or glass.

Wear Clothing Conducive To Safety

Safety should, of course, be a prime concern; therefore, don't skimp on your safety gear ahead of getting on a bike. That gear should include not only a helmet and gloves but also a jacket and trousers and boots that can help protect your safety when you wear them while riding a bike.

Though getting used to wearing all of this gear may take you some time, it wouldn't be exaggerating to say that this attire could save your life.

Prepare Carefully For Regularly Changing Weather

Even if you are set to embark on a motorcycle journey that you would deem short, you could underestimate the variety in the weather. Furthermore, this weather could wreak havoc on your comfort if you aren't careful.

As CheatSheet hints, you could feel yourself roasting in your outfit even when the weather isn't overly hot. A spell of rain that follows could, at first, bring coveted relief from that heat; however, don't be too surprised if you start feeling freezing before too long.

How are you supposed to prepare for such inconveniently variable weather? One way is by using equipment that is well-ventilated and waterproof - as this can cool the hot parts, dry the wet parts and warm the cold parts. Occasionally changing clothes might also be necessary during a trip.

Wear Earplugs To Keep Deafening Noise At Bay

If you have never previously ridden a motorcycle on a motorway, you might not realise how loud the experience can be. If you anticipate taking your bike onto a motorway when travelling, don't forget your earplugs. Wearing them while on that motorway could save your hearing.

Even if you are deterred from routinely wearing earplugs due to their potential to take away from your street cred, you should still at least take some, as you could remove them from time to time.

Get The Motorcycle Insured

In the UK, getting insured to ride a motorcycle isn't just a nice idea; it's legally necessary. It would also have the benefit of ensuring that, if you crash the vehicle, you could cover costs of repairs to that bike or other vehicles caught up in the fracas. Personal injury expenses could be covered, too.

Motorcycle insurance can be expensive, especially if you want to insure more than one bike. However, the broker Call Wiser can help you save money with multi bike insurance.

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