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Buying a caravan can represent a serious investment so should the worse happen you need to know that you are covered and your insurance is the right insurance for your needs.

Many people who already own a caravan, or those who are thinking about buying one, do not realise that it is a legal requirement to get caravan insurance. As with any other vehicle, caravans must be insured before they can be taken out on the roads. The kind of caravan insurance that you buy will largely depend on your personal requirements; and policies can differ widely depending on the level of cover that you take out. It is important to research all of your caravan insurance policy options carefully and to examine the terms and conditions fully to check for any exclusions (i.e.. any scenarios where you won’t be covered).

Different Types Of Caravan Insurance

Generally speaking, there are three main kinds of caravan insurance. The first option is touring caravan insurance. This kind of policy will typically include features such as ‘new for old’ cover, meaning that if your caravan is of a certain age (i.e.. it is under a set age limit) and it adheres to certain specifications, your policy may allow you to replace it with a brand new model in the event of it being stolen or written off in an accident. Touring caravan insurance policies will also cover your caravan for European trips overseas; however, your caravan may not be covered if it is used as a workplace/place of trade.

The second kind of caravan insurance available is static caravan insurance. In recent years, static caravans have become a very popular option; people will buy them and keep them fixed in one location, i.e.. at a caravan/holiday park. Although this kind of caravan is not used on the road, you can still get caravan insurance to cover the vehicle. However, you will need to check the policy carefully as the theft of caravan contents will not usually be covered unless there is a forced entry (break-in).

Finally, you can also get trailer tent and folding camper insurance. As per touring caravan insurance, this kind of caravan insurance will usually include ‘new for old’ cover and also cover for any European excursions. Additionally, you are generally covered for year-round touring, vehicle storage and any weather damage to awnings. However, in some policies you may find exclusions meaning that certain damage, such as mildew and vermin damage, is not covered and that your personal effects are also not covered, so if you opt for this kind of caravan insurance, you should read the policy small print very carefully.

Shop Around

Once you have decided on the right kind of caravan insurance for you, it’s wise to shop around and compare several insurance provider deals. By doing so, you will not only find the most comprehensive caravan insurance policy to suit your needs, but you will also be able to secure the most cost-effective deal. Caravan insurance need not be expensive, but should the worst thing happen to your caravan, it will act as a financial safety-net, allowing you to continue using your caravan without any added worry. In short, caravan insurance offers peace of mind.

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