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Here's another way to access market-leading car, bike, home, van insurance and more. Read on to see how BeWiser can help you get the best deals.

Be Wiser Insurance in Hampshire have just launched Call Wiser. The firm which was founded in 2007, has become a household name in the UK as one of the leading insurance brokers in the country, arranging over 150,000 deals for customers for car, bike, home, van insurance and more.

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The company has a passion for motorsports, sponsoring the Kawasaki team and has also been a keen follower of Reading FC over the years, through thick and thin.

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Be Wiser has always allowed you to apply through the website or request a callback and one of their team members will be able to provide market-leading insurance quotes. However, not all UK customers want to apply online, with some preferring the more personal touch of a phone call and being able to talk through their policy and ask questions along the way - and that’s why they have launched Call Wiser.

How Call Wiser works

Call Wiser offers the car, bike, home and van insurance quotes from leading insurers in the UK but enquiries are made predominantly over the phone. This branch of the business has a huge team of insurance experts in their Andover branch in Hampshire waiting to receive phone calls so that they can offer the most personal service to their clients.

For example, if you were looking through the car insurance page, you have the choice of general car insurance or specific policies for young drivers, multicar drivers, classic car drivers and more. You can request a call back or call the number to speak to an agent. Whatsmore, calls are completely free from a landline or mobile.

You will be required to provide basic details over the phone including:

  • Car registration
  • Drivers license details incl. years of experience
  • Details of the car
  • Claims history

Based on the criteria, you can receive a number of quotes from leading providers. Its great to have more than one quote so that you can make an informed choice.

How do you make your car insurance as cheap as possible?

What premium you pay for your insurance will depend largely on the state of your vehicle, how much driving experience you have and your claim history. Typically driving an old car and a history of serious claims in the past will increase the cost of your premium because you are deemed a greater risk of an accident.

Your insurance will always be cheaper, the less you use it. If your vehicle is for private use, then it will be used a lot less than if it were for business use such as a courier or delivery person – and this will bring down the price.

There is also the voluntary excess whereby paying slightly more excess each month will overall bring down the cost of your insurance and ultimately cost less if you were involved in an accident.

What Bonus Products Do They Offer?

If you purchase insurance through Call Wiser, they will actually throw in a few extras including free breakdown cover, free legal cover, free handbag and gadget cover too. Any quote you receive is no obligation so you will not be charged at all and your details will not be passed onto any other companies without your consent.

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