Shopping Online & Charity Fundraising


If you shop online then did you know that you can do so and raise money for your chosen charity at the same time? How does this work and who are the organisations who do this?

How Does It Work?

You simply sign up to one of the organisations who operate these schemes, select the charity you want to work with and then browse the website for the retailer you shop online with. You then shop as normal but a percentage of what you spend is then sent to your chosen charity.

How Much Is Given To The Charity?

The donation does vary according to who you are shopping with. It can be anything from 1% of your total spend to 10%. It can also be fixed amounts, this often occurs when for example you buy an insurance policy online.

Is This Free?

Yes, you don't pay extra for your shopping online with these schemes.

How Does This Work Between The Retailer And The Charity Portal?

The stores pay the companies commission for the sale. the company you have signed up will then donates some of that to your charity and many then keep some for themselves. It is important to look at where your money goes as some companies do differ.

Charity Portals, What To Consider

Organisations include Give as you Live, and the Giving machine. If you are thinking of using one of these or any then do be sure how your money gets to your chosen charity and when. the best online portals will be transparent about this. the issues to look out for include where your money goes, what part of the fee the portal takes, how long it will take for your charity to get its money and what happens to your personal information.



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