How To Shop For Bespoke Furniture

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Shopping for bespoke furniture is a little different to shopping for pre-made, everyday furniture that you can just order in a shop. Bespoke furniture is essentially furniture which has been made to measure according to what you want.

So where you want to place it and how you want it to specifically look is all about hand made for you. For example, if you wanted a wardrobe to fit in a certain area and it had to be a particular size or you wanted one with particular configuration of whatever drawers, hanging and shelves at the exact shape and size you want.

So, you know you want bespoke furniture, but how do you go about shopping for it? We have some things to consider during your furniture journey.

What Do You Need?

If you have come to the conclusion that you need bespoke furniture already, you will probably have an idea of the types of pieces you want and for which rooms.

If you have chosen to go down the bespoke route because you feel you have exhausted all the ready-made options, you should think carefully about what it was that made the other options unsuitable. Perhaps it was their shape or size? Or was the item you were after simply not readily available on the market due to its unique nature?

It is important to pinpoint your needs before you attempt to approach the world of bespoke furniture shopping. You need to know what it is you want by the time you approach a bespoke furniture company to give a clear idea for them to be able to get it exactly right.

When given a quote for a piece of furniture, make sure you are aware of when it will be completed. You don't want to be sitting on the floor for several weeks and months waiting for your new couch. You may want to time it with replacing you old one or when moving into a new place.

What Is Your Budget?

Moving on to budget. The more creative you want to get, the more the price is going to rise in most cases.

You should aim to set a limit for your budget to ensure you do not end up spending too much which will frankly be beyond your means. When securing a quote, be sure to check if they include everything from design, manufacturing, delivery and the costs of installation if that is required. You do not want a nasty shock when you discover there are hidden fees which you did not allow for in your budget!

Does It Fit With The Décor?

When deciding what it is that you want, make sure that the designs fit in with the rest of the décor. The great thing about getting bespoke furniture is that you can have it created to suit the rest of your homes décor perfectly. You can source similar materials to other pieces already owned by you and choose the colour of your new, bespoke furniture.

In a lot of cases, bespoke furniture companies have showrooms which we recommend you vist so that you can get an idea for what might go well with your current décor. You may find a sofa you absolutely love and want to replicate, so you may be able to mirror the exact pattern and design.

Equally you can always show up to a showroom with other examples or photos from magazines and ask them to replicate it.

Does It Come With A Warranty?

Some furniture is so delicate that it loses its shine or glow after a few weeks or months. Has the seller given you instructions to maintain the look? Does it have a warranty? If something goes wrong with the couch or cupboard, or it breaks after a few days, a warranty should allow for a quick replace. Read more about warranties here.

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