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Where your site appears on a search engine can be the difference between getting a sale and not. So how can you ensure that you are not at the bottom of the list?

If you own your own company, the likelihood is that you will have a website to advertise and sell your products and/or services. However, with new companies and websites springing up literally every day, competition is fierce, and you may find that you struggle to get your products or services seen in an increasingly busy online world. To this end, search engine placement can be a very important aspect in the successful marketing plan of a company’s website. By getting a better search engine placement, you can ensure that more people are seeing your website when they search the internet, including any potential customers.


So, how can you maximise the search engine placement for your website, i.e.. get your website to the top of an internet search list? Perhaps the most important aspect to consider is keywords and key terms. There are literally millions of active websites on the internet; you need to make your website stand out from the rest and keywords can help you to do that. Put simply, keywords are the individual words (or a string of several words) that internet end users type into their internet browser in order to find a website.

Keyword Examples

Here’s an example of how keywords and key terms work; if a user wanted to buy a football, they may type ‘buy football’ into the search box on their internet browser, or if they wanted to buy a specific colour of football, they may type ‘buy white football’. If your site contains these keywords (preferably more than once on the same page), and the keywords can easily be found by search engines and robots/spiders (the technology that searches websites for keywords upon receiving a user end request) – you are likely to appear on the users’ result list. However, the process of using keywords is a little more complex than that – you will need to find out what the most popular keywords are (you can find lists online and they can be produced using analytical tools) and then use them as much as you can on your website.


However, keywords alone will seldom maximise your search engine placement, to the point where you are at the very top of an internet search list. If you’ve ever wondered how the larger companies/brands get themselves to the top of search engine placements, the answer is usually in advertising. You can pay for adverts to be placed on the major search engines (i.e.. Google, Yahoo etc.) therefore making your website more visible to people surfing the web. Generally speaking, the more money that you can spend on these adverts, the better your search engine placement will be; although a number of elements will need to be considered when you are creating your advertisement plan.

Set Budget

By setting a daily, weekly or monthly budget and deciding on the type of advert that you would like to use (i.e.. PPC – Pay Per Click – you pay when someone directly clicks on your advert) and choosing the correct keywords, you will soon find that your search engine placement will start to improve dramatically.

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