How To Deal With A Stressed Kitty

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The last thing a pet owner needs is a stressed pet. From not eating to being sick or weeing everywhere - it's a nightmare that you can avoid if you know what to do. Read on for some handy tips.

If you were raised around cats and you adore them, then you'll do anything right? When asked whether you are a dog or cat lover, then most will choose one way or the other - a cat person or a dog lover - rarely both! So let's think about someone that has a stressed cat...

How Your Cat Could Get Stressed

Up until recently, I had two cats that were happy and healthy until one of them fell ill and unfortunately passed away.

As sad and upsetting as it was for me and my family, what was really noticeable was how my other cat was dealing with the loss of a feline companion. She was noticeably different and acting in a manner not befitting of her personality.

It comes as no surprise that cats, like humans, also suffer from the stress of not being near a loved one.

How To Help Your Cat!

There are ways to help ease your cat through this difficult time and I’ll be listing some of things that I did which helped to de-stress and ease the transition. These techniques aren’t just to be used after a cat has passed away; they can be used if you suspect your cat is stressed for any reason.

Pheromone Spray

This spray calms cats and helps them to de stress. The way we used it was to spray it onto a fluffy animal toy and put it next to the cat whilst it’s sleeping. We noticed that it had less of a restless sleep, i.e.. the cat slept through the night without meowing regularly and in a stressful manner.

Hot Water Bottle

If your cat is used to sleeping next to another cat, it could be a good idea to place a hot water bottle in the cat bed under a towel. The heat will radiate through the towel and will feel slightly like the body heat from another sleeping cat. This will help him or her to have a good night’s sleep.

Plug In Diffuser

Wherever your cat sleeps, usually there will be plug sockets in the room. One of the best ways to help calm your cat is to use a diffuser which plugs into a socket and gives off a pheromone fragrance, which the cat can smell but you can’t, that is known to de stress cats. There are products out there like feliway for cats, which are known to be very good for situations like this

In Summary

Hopefully, by using some of these techniques, you’ll be able to relax your cat and notice a sizeable drop in their stress levels.

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