10 Fantastic Tips for Amazingly Flirty Chat

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Flirting comes naturally to some and not so naturally to others! How can you make it happen or keep that person you're interested in excited and keen to flirt? Why not check out some great tips and advice on what you need to know.

So you figured out how to log into a chat room and call for fun and sexy chat and you're sitting there watching everyone chat. But you have no idea what to say or how to connect with anyone? You need to know how to flirt.

Say Hello

No matter what the medium of communication you use, always start with the niceties. A cheerful hello in a chat room setting goes long ways to call attention to the person you have your eye on.  Use your creative and be flirtatious with your greeting. In a busy room, use the person’s nickname to draw attention to your hello.

Show Interest

If the person you are interested in is talking in open channel show an interest in that subject. Take time to add to the conversation and to make a bond with that person. Shared interests can lead to a deeper conversation. Sometimes a simple exchange of ideas can lead to more. If this is a subject you are familiar with then this is your chance to impress your potential flirtatious interest. Take time to ask questions and share your thoughts on the subject. Beware that tone does not translate well in chat, so do assume someone means that may or may not seem offensive without asking first.


Laughing at funny conversations is a wonderful way to flirt with another person. You can do this through commands in chat that show emotions. For example the /me command shows the actions therefore you can type /me laughs at girlx. There are also abbreviations that reflect laughter, such as LOL (laughing out loud), LMAO (laughing my a** off), or RFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my a** off). You can also use laughter sounds such as giggling or hehe.


Emoticons are symbols that show facial expressions. These are all expansions of the smiley face made with the colon and parenthesisJ. There is the wink semicolon and parenthesis ;) or sticking your tongue out made with colon and p :p. There are many popular emoticons some include smirking, kissing, big grin; there is even one to make a heart shape (<3).


Flirting is the skill of being sweet and endearing yourself to another person. A good way to do that is to give the person of your interests a nickname. The common ones like sweetie, honey, sexy, and darling are all smart and a good start. To win favour on a greater level, develop a nickname that is unique to him or her.

Get Personal

There is nothing more important to the start of a love interest than the process of getting beyond the niceties and chit chat. Make the effort to flirtatiously get to know more about him or her. Ask questions about things that this person might enjoy. Share personal information with each other, likes, dislikes, favourite foods, sports, books, movies, songs, bands, and more. Use this time to get to know each other beyond the hi’s and bye’s of the chat room.


When you have his or her attention, use that time to acknowledge what you like about your new friend. Compliment his or her eyes, smile, laugh, or whatever it is you cannot stop thinking about. This will increase the feelings of good will toward each of you and open the door for more time together.

Be Original

There are so many people in chat rooms that do the same thing over and over. It gets old. So find your own way to stand out. Be daring, have fun, and use your own vernacular to win over your new friend. Don’t use pickup lines, avoid the commonly used asl (age, sex, location), and don’t reduce your conversations to letters instead of words (how r u?). Keep your conversation interesting and creative. Chats do not limit the number of words you use, so be descriptive, fun, and imaginative.

Make The First Move

The first sign of that someone likes you is when he or she makes the first move. This is flattering and provides an emotional connection that leads to fun more active flirting. You can be a bit aggressive with your first move, but never be forceful. Do not stalk, but you can carefully pursue but avoid looking desperate.

Private Chat

After you have tried all of these tips, and you feel the flirtatious connection has grown take the next step to private chat. Ask your new friend if he or she would like to join you in a private message discussion away from the prying eyes of the chat room. Take this slow and keep it light and easy at first.

If the idea of flirting brings back fears of seventh grade, do not worry, you can survive this too. Just take it easy and let yourself have fun. If you are new to the chat room, remember learn and follow all the rules. This will help you to assimilate and fit in better.

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