The Benefits Of Dedicated Hosting

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Why trust your website and business to anything but a dedicated server? The benefits are the opportunity to set it us as you see fit - knowing the cabling, servers and building security are all in place behind the scenes.

Why Choose a Dedicated Server?

How much is your business worth to you? You can easily find dedicated hosting server companies online with a quick search - but is all as it seems?

Choosing a dedicated server in this new world of cloud computing options, means you are looking for ultimate flexibility, control, security and high performance of a server that is dedicated to your content and your software.

Bespoke Servers

If you choose a dedicated server from a company like Rackspace or UKFast, you are in the most part choosing to have a customisable server that is set up exactly as you need it. You get to choose the right processor, the right memory, the right storage and backup solutions and also the branded equipment you want for your total hosting package.

Whether it's Dell, VMware, Cisco or HP, you can usually build your solution with the hosting company to your requirements. This included load balancing and clustering as well burst bandwidth and total monthly traffic allowances for internet traffic. Finally, you also get to choose the type and elevel of server security to prevent DDoS or brute-force hacking attempts.

Your Hardware

The choice will look overwhelming to start with. Whether you choose single, dual or quad processors, from AMD or Intel you will need to agree with the hosting company. But you'll also get a say on :

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Support - managed or 24/7 Response
  • Security

All of which can provide you with literally thousands of combinations on offer to help you get the perfect set up from a cache, burst or storage point of view.

What About Cabling?

Connections between the T1 internet and your server, your server and load balanced servers, backups and of course the wider world will be crucial to your website being as responsive and as reliable as possible.

Premium hosting companies are free to choose their cabling suppliers, but without hesitation they will all choose cables that have proven to achieve strict international standards for resistance and capacity, whilst also having mundane features such as fire resistance!

Don't underetimate the importance of this aspect of the hosting solution. Just as power stations or large office blocks need to manage their electrical power-supply system via the correct switch gear, the use of the correct cabling like a tri-rated cable is about the host company building for the future and choosing premium quality equipment.

Choosing a cheaper hosting company doesn't necessarily mean they are going to skimp on their cabling, fire systems or anything else, but why risk it for your business?

How to FInd the RIght Hosting Environment?

So many people already chose the internet to find the best deals and be able to negotiate lower prices on everything from dedicated hosting to 24/7 managed solutions.

Conduct all the research you require online and then for a decision as important as this, pick up the phone to call the experts at the final few companies you are considering. This way you can put them on the spot for more specific requirements that you may have.

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