Losing Weight From Your Thighs

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Wanting to lose weight as quickly as possible is pretty much a given for many. So what about losing weight from a specific part of your body - your thighs for example? Is it just certain exercises alongside a reduction in calories?

At one point or another, many of us will have tried to diet to lose weight. It seems a simple equation - you need to burn more calories than you take in from your food and drinks. Yet many of us really struggle to lose weight fast the healthy way.

Experts stress that the best way to lose weight is not by embarking on fad or crash diets, or by going exercise-mad, as the body tends to respond better to slower, longer term changes when it comes to the food that we eat and the exercise that we take.

Healthy Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight the healthy way, you will need to forget about quick solution diets and instead think about making long term changes to your lifestyle in general. The first point to take into consideration is your energy needs in relation to weight loss.

Always remember to introduce a new diet slowly to avoid adverse effects. Your body uses food as its main source of energy and any excess energy is stored as fat. In short, this means that if you eat more food a day than your body actually needs in order to perform your daily activities and cell maintenance, you will put on weight.

Therefore, you will need to reduce the amount of calories that you are eating, as well as increasing your levels of activity in order to see fast weight loss results. Starting with the food side of things, you will ideally need to keep a daily log of your eating habits.

Foods that are very high in fat and sugar should naturally be avoided, whereas your fruit and vegetable intake should be increased. Certain foods can be eaten in small portions (i.e.. bread and pasta) and they can even help to keep your energy levels up via slow-releasing carbohydrates. However, complex carbohydrates should be limited if you are trying to diet.

The same rule applies to exercise, don’t be tempted to hit the gym 7 days a week immediately, you could end up causing more damage to your body than good. Gradually build up your exercise via easy activities such as walking and swimming, 3 times a week. As your fitness levels and stamina increase, you can introduce new methods; in particular aerobics is known to be a great fat-burning activity. If you make a solid plan and stick to it, you should find that you lose weight and that it stays off.

Targeting Specific Body Areas

It doesn’t matter how disciplined we are with our diets and exercise plans, the majority of people will have at least one area of their body that they are unhappy with; and for many women, this is the thigh area. However, it is possible to lose weight in thighs by following a few simple exercises each day.

Over time, you will find that you lose weight in your thighs and also improve your fitness levels in general. So, what kind of exercises can help you to lose weight in thighs? Here are a few great tips.

Skipping Rope

The first tip is to try using a jump rope (sometimes called a skipping rope) a few times a week. Jump ropes are great for exercising the thighs while also serving as a brilliant warm-up or cool-down exercise technique. Try to alternately jump your legs and change your jogging pace for the best possible results and bend your knees and keep your back straight to reduce the ‘landing’ impact on the rest of your body.

As you get fitter, you can progress to jumping with both legs at the same time and pick up the pace a little.


Next, to help lose weight in your thighs you could try riding an exercise bike (or a real bike!), swimming, jogging or going for regular brisk walks. All of these activities are brilliant aerobic exercises that will not only help you to trim your thighs but will also be of great benefit to your whole body.

To avoid getting bored with your exercise routine, think about doing a different activity every other day; as you become stronger and fitter you should be able to exercise for longer and with more ease.


Squats are also brilliant for trimming down the thighs, so try performing squat exercises three times a week. To squat correctly, start by standing completely upright with your feet shoulder-width apart on the floor. Slowly bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Next, slowly return back to standing position; don’t rush squats and make sure that you keep your breathing regular as you perform this exercise.

Start with 10 repetitions and increase this over time as you build up endurance. If you keep up regular exercise and also maintain a healthy diet, you should soon start to see a huge difference in your thigh area; it really is worth the effort!

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